Wife Time with Mariya and Crystal
Wife Time is a comedy variety show for everyone who loves to laugh, especially at themselves. Mariya Alexander and co-host Crystal Sugarman are irreverent, incendiary, and irresistible. Join them weekly as they explore what it means to be human in an utterly stupid, absurd, and hilarious world.
Mariya and Crystal check in for the first time during the Covid19 pandemic to discuss all the various kinds of stupidity on display during this time of crisis. 
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Mariya and Crystal are back to discuss Thanksgiving, Papa John's pizza, and Mariya's adventures in the world of hoin'. 

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Mariya and Crystal are joined by old friend of the show Glenna to discuss Glenna's move to Los Angeles, rapper T.I.'s obsession with his daughter's hymen, Mariya's adventures with manifesting, a dash of politics, and empowering women. An instant classic! 
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Mariya and Crystal reaffirm the existence of this podcast and connect with fans. Questions are answered about past relationships and whom they would marry, eff, and kill. Dicks are reviewed. As expected, it is horrible. Enjoy! 

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Mariya and Crystal kick off the rebirth of The Mariya Alexander Show as Wife Time. They re-introduce themselves to the audience and discuss what listeners can expect from the revamped program - brand engagement, self-help, sex, witchcraft, and humor - in short, WIFE TIME.

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Mariya welcomes her new friend, comedian Tyjuan Lewis, on the show. Together they discuss books, human nature, cultural appropriation vs. cultural appreciation, comedy, and Tyjuan's upbringing in Missouri. A jolly good time.

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Mariya and Spencer are joined in the Los Feliz Studio to discuss Thanksgiving, the current state of the world, and most importantly to help Crystal make an online dating profile. 

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Mariya gets together with Crystal and her roommate Melisa to discuss the current state of the world and the joys of womanhood in it. Also dicks. 

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Mariya and Spencer welcome Crystal back on the show to discuss the oversaturated podcasting landscape, Mariya's new therapist, and knowing how to talk to people. Mariya and Crystal recap a special experience with an extraterrestrial contactee named Matthew. And more!

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Mariya and Spencer welcome new friend, comedian Sarah Bugden, on the show to discuss Mariya's adventures with her family and Sarah's life before her recent decision to pursue comedy.
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Mariya and Spencer are joined again by Crystal to discuss their travels in France, the supposed reunion of North and South Korea, Kanye West's bromance with Trump, and much more. 
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Mariya and Spencer welcome new friend Crystal on the show to discuss all the idiocy unfolding in the world: cultural appropriation, the continuing rise of white supremacy, Ted Cruz's new campaign song, and much more. 

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Mariya and Spencer are joined by comedian Dax Jordan to discuss the Winter Olympics, Laura Ingraham's racist beef with Lebron James, Alex Jones' insane reaction to the Obama portrait, and Dax's experience with polyamory.

Direct download: 02-17-2018_-_The_Mariya_Alexander_Show_-_Jumb_Docks_and_Secret_Sperm.mp3
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Mariya and Spencer are joined once again by comedian Drew Landry to discuss the current state of the world, the difference between Aziz Ansari and James Franco, Jeremy Piven's embarrassing foray into standup comedy, and much more.

Ryan is back! Alabama is about to elect a child molester. Mariya recalls her recent adventures back in DC. Special guest Karla talks about what it's like to live here while her family is stuck in Puerto Rico. Ryan is a vegan now. Debut of "Ten Years of Fire", a new song from Spencer's band The Wolf Spiders. AND MORE.

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Mariya and Spencer are joined by friend of the show former pro model Madeline Hill to discuss the recent deluge of dicks and men's general propensity for creepiness. Mariya does a dramatic reading.

Mariya and Spencer are joined in the studio by comedian Dan Walsh to discuss the Mueller indictments, Donna Brazile's opportunistic brain fart, the Russian-sponsored insanity of the current political climate, and Dan's life as a former pro wrestler and US Marine. ​

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Mariya had an online interaction with Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Alex Jones' meltdown about drag queens. What happened in Niger. Mariya's weekly reminder about why Russia is bad. A conversation with comedian Drew Landry about growing up in a racist suburb of Chicago, getting into comedy as a teenager, and touring with Carlos Mencia. And more!

America's apocalyptic natural disasters and the president's even more apocalyptic response to them. New details about Russia's interference in American politics and a recap of why Russia is terrible. Harvey Weinstein's derangement. A conversation with comedian Lisa Holly. And much more!

Mariya and Spencer are back after a 7 month post-election fatigue hiatus. Mariya explains what she's been up to and what inspired her to get back to recording and laughing again and gives a reminder that everyone is bad, regardless of political leanings. Remembering Sean Spicer and The Mooch. And more!

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Mariya and Spencer welcome comedian Brandon Scott Keller on the show to discuss Trump's 2nd week in office, protest faux pas, and Brandon's life as a comedian and former Mormon missionary. And more!


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Mariya and Spencer welcome comedian Sian Mason on the show to discuss Trump's first week in office, alternative facts, Russia, and the failed threesome that prompted Sian to start doing comedy. And much more! (Sponsored by HelloFresh.com, enter promo code MARIYAA for discount.) 

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Mariya and Spencer welcome special guest Eden Dranger on the show to discuss the inauguration of Donald Trump, Eden's life, and much more! Mariya is excited about new sponsor Hello Fresh (visit hellofresh.com and enter promo code MariyaA for a discount). 

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Mariya and Spencer spend the last hours of 2016 with their friends Nick and Liz shooting the shit, drinking cider, and making sense of it all. Mariya feels guilty for having had an okay year despite it being generally thought of as terrible. Spencer recorded an album of music about being a dark mysterious bad boy. And more. 


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Mariya and Spencer are back for the first recording since the election to try to make sense of everything. Ryan is gone. Mariya has a theory of why white people are so afraid of everyone. Ben Carson is back. And more! 


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Melania Trump makes a brief appearance to defend herself. Mariya tells the story of Russian and FBI interference in the election. Ryan is moving to New York. Mariya reads an excerpt from her new book about Megyn Kelly. And more! 


Direct download: TMAS_11-03-2016_final.mp3
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Donald Trump is getting so crazy, it's funny again. Mariya appreciates PC culture. Ryan has a moment of clarity. The gang plans for the nuclear apocalypse. A dramatic reading of a very special TV show pitch. And more! 

Direct download: TMAS_10-06-2016_final.mp3
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Mariya, Ryan and Spencer are back! Ryan almost fainted during the last show recording attempt. Mariya learned a sad lesson during a friend's visit. A look at the fascinating world of gay fetishes. Mariya warns against a Trump presidency by reminding everyone about the horrors of Russia. And more!

Direct download: TMAS_09-24-2016_final.mp3
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Mariya is overwhelmed by the sheer volume of news events since the last show recording. Clowns have been plaguing a community in South Carolina. Ryan appeared on TLC's new reality show "Love At First Kiss". And much more!

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Mariya's support for and promotion of Ryan's penis is yielding results. Orlando Bloom's penis makes a splash. Donald Trump's war on babies. Mariya wants to do magic. And more!

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Mariya, Ryan, and Spencer are back after repeated tragedies rattle the nation. Ryan is addicted to Pokemon GO. Mariya and Spencer did some political activism. Mariya's experiences with kindness. And more!


Direct download: TMAS_13jul2016_final.mp3
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Mariya, Spencer, and Ryan are back to discuss the burning issues of the day: momentous Supreme Court decisions, social activism vs. social media activism, Ryan's manly forearms, racism, Craigslist personal ads, and much, much more. 

Direct download: TMAS_06-30-2016_final.mp3
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Mariya, Spencer, and Ryan discuss the recent mass shooting in Orlando and unsolicited submissions Spencer receives from actors and writers. 


Direct download: TMAS_06-13-2016_final.mp3
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Special guest, Playboy columnist Bridget Phetasy joins Mariya, Spencer and Ryan in the Los Feliz Studio. Mariya is shell-shocked after visiting her family. Bridget discusses the nuances of being a sex and relationship columnist. And more! Featuring music from rapper Yung Numbaz. 

Direct download: TMAS_05-25-2016_final-output.mp3
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Mariya is dying of the plague. The gang says good-bye to Ted Cruz. Mariya finds herself in yet another awkward situation.


Direct download: TMAS_09may2016_final.mp3
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Prince is dead. Mariya tells a story of her fight for justice in the workplace. An update on Ryan's romantic life. Ted Cruz' creepy love of soup. Top 3 conservative politicians who are actively fucking people over. And more! 

Direct download: TMAS_04-21-2016_final.mp3
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Mariya, Spencer and Ryan are back to catch up on everything. Mariya marks the birthday of a very influential person in her life. A Kristen Wiig sighting. A discussion of Chariot For Women. And much more. 

Direct download: TMAS_04-13-2016_final.mp3
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Donald Trump's recent comments about punishing women for getting abortions and some personal experiences inspire Mariya to dedicate the entire episode to talking about what it's like to be a woman in an overwhelmingly man's world. Spencer and Ryan were not harmed during the recording.


Direct download: TMAS_31mar2016_final.mp3
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Mariya, Spencer and Ryan are back, shell-shocked from a recent failed recording session. Mariya bemoans the false sense of intimacy social media creates between people. Violence and racism at Trump rallies and Sarah Palin. Mariya's friend, DJ/Producer Jimmy Maheras joins the gang in the studio to weigh in on world events and talk about his music. And more!

Direct download: TMAS_15mar2016_final.mp3
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Mariya and Spencer salute Ryan's brave stand against body shaming and also his penis. Mariya's magic is only effective on some people. The death of Antonin Scalia has brought out the crazies. A discussion of the Eat24/Yelp open letter to CEO controversy. And much more!

Direct download: TMAS_02-23-2016_final.mp3
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Mariya and Spencer welcome comedian Ryan Broems back on the show. Mariya attempts to make sense of Lent, Ash Wednesday, and PMS. Mariya is worried about Ryan's self-destructive tendencies and invites him to be a regular part of the show. Mariya is obsessed with the show Black Sails and pirates. And more! 

Direct download: TMAS_02-10-2016_final.mp3
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Mariya and Spencer welcome fashion model and writer Madeline Hill on the show to discuss the absurdity of life as a model, as well as the Flint, MI disaster and Ted Cruz' win in Iowa. Friend of the show comedian Ryan Broems joins in on the fun. 

Direct download: TMAS_02-02-2016_final.mp3
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Mariya, Spencer and friend of the show Ryan Broems sit down in the Los Feliz studio to discuss Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, the complexity of vaginas, and more!


Direct download: TMAS_27jan2016_final.mp3
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Mariya and Spencer are happy to welcome Kay back after her holiday travels, just in time to discuss Marco Rubio's evil sponsors, Ted Cruz' penchant for spanking children, Making a Murderer, Maine Governor Paul LePage's old timey racism, the continued occupation of Oregon, the Power Ball, and more.

Direct download: TMAS_01-09-2016_final.mp3
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After a long holiday break, Mariya and Spencer are back, with friend of the show, comedian Ryan Broems sitting in. Someone who didn't like Mariya very much suddenly died and Mariya is having conflicting reactions to it. Ryan refuses to try to get healthy. Mariya's newfound thoughts on aliens and UFO's. Ryan shares a story about being a male cheerleader in high school. Mariya explains the hostile occupation by armed militia men in Oregon. Spencer presents the top 5 songs of 2015. A juicy, satisfying slab of a show in time for the holidays (on the old calendar). 

Direct download: TMAS_01-05-2016_final.mp3
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Comedian Ryan Broems joins Mariya and Spencer again in the Los Feliz studio. Mariya makes fun of a racist California man who vandalizes the wrong house of worship which leads to another heartfelt plea for people in general to try to control their impulses and for Ryan specifically to abandon his love affair with Burger King. The topic of things that are bad for you naturally leads to a discussion about Donald Trump and his recently released health report. And much, much more. 


Direct download: TMAS_16dec2015_final.mp3
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Mariya, Spencer and Kay are reunited to discuss their respective Thanksgiving breaks and catch up on all the chaos in the news, including the terrorist attack in San Bernadino, Republican presidential candidates still behaving like total dicks, the best television show of the year, new slang words, and much more.

Direct download: TMAS_12-05-2015_final.mp3
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Mariya and Spencer welcome new friend comedian Ryan Broems to discuss growing up in a small town in Connecticut, male stripping, and being involved in a Twitter controversy, and much more. 

Direct download: TMAS_11-14-2015_final.mp3
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Mariya recounts the horrors of Halloween. Religious kids are dicks. Ben Carson is a retarded miracle. And more!

Direct download: TMAS_11-07-2015_final.mp3
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A recap of the Benghazi hearings. Mariya writes her own new Adele song. Least and most attractive people in the country. And more!

Direct download: TMAS_10-24-2015_final.mp3
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The gang is back for a brunch-time recording! Mariya finds new appreciation for her life by remembering all the weird penises she's had to deal with before. Hillary Clinton dominated the first Democratic debate, and more.

Direct download: TMAS_10-17-2015_final.mp3
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The Pope came to America. Floods in South Carolina. Mariya is traumatized by a recent adventure. And more!

Direct download: TMAS_10-07-2015_final.mp3
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Mariya is traumatized after visiting her parents. Adult Friend Finder is frightening. And much more!

Direct download: TMAS_23sep2015_final.mp3
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Kay Marvin joins Mariya and Spencer again to discuss 9/11, Kim Davis, and Mariya's first REAL lesbian experience.

Direct download: TMAS_09-11-2015_final.mp3
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Mariya's former domestic partner Kay Marvin sits in with Mariya and Spencer to discuss the VMAs, dating styles, bigoted Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis, and much more.

Direct download: TMAS_09-04-2015_final.mp3
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Mariya and Spencer sit down to catch up on life and on the world's events, which mainly include men being terrible. Mariya went to a funeral. The top 5 songs in the country. And more! 

Direct download: TMAS_08-21-2015_final.mp3
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Mariya needs a new dentist and is having problems with a coworker. Republican debate recap. And more!

Direct download: TMAS_08-07-2015_final.mp3
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Mariya and Spencer sit down in the Los Feliz studio to catch up on the latest world and personal news. Topics covered include: surprising top ten list of the most sexually diseased cities in the country, continued raging gun violence, Mariya did a show with some of her comedy heroes, Mariya's new friend Sir Rucifer, the heartbreaking murder of Cecil The Lion, and more.

Direct download: TMAS_07-30-2015_final.mp3
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Having just finished watching sense8 on Netflix, and based on other compelling evidence, Mariya is convinced there are two different species of human beings. Spencer's best friend Nick joins in on the fun.

Direct download: TMAS_07-19-2015_final.mp3
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Instagram celebrity and Vape God, Blake Vapes, joins Mariya and Spencer in the Los Feliz studio to discuss vaping, being at the top of your game, not defending Bill Cosby, and how to not be a hater. Comedian and friend of the show Aristotle Georgeson also stops by. 

Direct download: TMAS_07-11-2015_final.mp3
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Mariya has been sick. Rick is gone again. More aftermath of Cardgate 2015. Supreme Court decisions. Donald Trump. And more!

Direct download: TMAS_07-06-2015_final.mp3
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Mariya, Spencer, and Rick sit down in the Los Feliz studio to discuss the Charleston, SC shooting, racism, Brian Williams, and the importance of shame. 

Direct download: TMAS_23jun2015_final.mp3
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Mariya and Spencer sit down alone in the Los Feliz studio to discuss Rachel Dolezal's insanity, people's rabid transphobia and homophobia, not being an asshole, and a special unsolicited request for representation Spencer received at work. 

Direct download: TMAS_06-15-2015_final.mp3
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Mariya doesn't like certain comedy head shots. More Republican candidates enter the race, much to everyone's horror and delight. Comedian and TV writer Bill Dixon joins the gang in the Los Feliz studio to discuss the tragedies and triumphs of his life. And much, much more!

Direct download: TMAS_06-06-2015_final.mp3
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Mariya's first Hollywood premiere and first look at San Francisco. Rick Santorum has a shitty campaign song. Carly Fiorina hates the Chinese. Racist principal in Georgia. And much more. 

Direct download: 05-31-2015_-_The_Mariya_Alexander_Show_-_Taking_Back_Murrica.mp3
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Spencer had the zombie flu all weekend. According to conservatives, being gay causes train crashes. Birthday Card Gate is resolved. Rick's dad wants to FaceTime. And more! 

Direct download: TMAS_05-25-2015_final.mp3
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Mariya shares her thoughts on looking young. Bill Cosby finally speaks out about all the rape allegations, sort of. A few words about Señor Jeb Bush. Mariya and Spencer receive two very different birthday cards. And more! 

Direct download: TMAS_16may2015_final.mp3
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Rick has returned to tell of his adventures. Mariya and Spencer had adventures of their own in Portland, Oregon during Bridgetown Comedy Festival. This is a classic TMAS episode for the whole dysfunctional family. 

Direct download: TMAS_05-10-2015_final.mp3
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Friend of the show Dana Bell sits in again to record a jam-packed belated episode with Mariya and Spencer. Mariya is PMSing during her birthday week, yielding some unexpected results. Rick is back, sort of. Mariya is upset about being called a slut shamer. The group weighs in on the Avengers: Age Of Ultron controversy. And much, much more. 

Direct download: TMAS_05-07-2015_final.mp3
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Vampire Diaries script coordinator and writer Matt D'Ambrosio joins Mariya and Spencer in the Los Feliz studio to discuss tragedy, triumph, and gayness. 

Direct download: TMAS_04-26-2015_final.mp3
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Mariya's friend from DC, comedian Dana Bell, joins Mariya and Spencer on the show to laugh at Britt McHenry's meltdown and catch up with Mariya about life and comedy in LA as well as Dana's adventures living in Yellowstone National Park. 

Direct download: TMAS_04-18-2015_final.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 2:59pm PDT

Mariya, Spencer and Tiffany of Good Butt Fame sit for an evening of reflection on the current state of things which convinces Mariya that the end of days is here.

Tags: Hillary Clinton, police shootings, Trevor Noah, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, politics, elections

Direct download: TMAS_04-14-2015_final.mp3
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Mariya and Spencer sit down to discuss the importance of truth.

Direct download: TMAS_04-06-2015_final.mp3
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Mariya and Spencer sit down with brilliant comedian and treasure of a human being, Wendy Liebman to discuss her new projects, her little talked about amazing boobs, and life in general. 

Direct download: TMAS_29mar2015_final.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 2:34pm PDT

Mariya and Spencer sit down for a quiet evening recording to catch up on everything that's been going on "behind the scenes". 

Direct download: TMAS_03-23-2015_final.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 9:55am PDT

Logan Pierce is back to hang out with Mariya and Spencer as they talk to comedian Kasey Koop about her first week as a stripper at a popular club in Hollywood. And much, much more!

Direct download: TMAS_03-15-2015_final.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 10:46am PDT

Spencer's assistant David brings his new friend, award winning adult film star Logan Pierce, to the Los Feliz studio to talk to Mariya and Spencer about his life as a porn star AND normal, balanced person trying to find his way in the world. 

Direct download: TMAS_03-08-2015_final.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 10:13pm PDT

Inspired by the heavy rain hitting Los Angeles, Mariya and the gang host a cozy "fireside" chat about Kanye West's psychosis, the senselessness of violence, how the show has helped​​ Mariya's friends explore BDSM, and much, much more. 

Direct download: TMAS_03-02-2015_final.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 9:45am PDT

Mariya and Spencer have some adventures in Ventura over the weekend. Rick is hungover. Mariya speaks about the importance of correcting shitty teens. Everyone cried at The Oscars. And much, much more. 

Direct download: TMAS_02-22-2015_final.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 8:28am PDT

The gang is reunited after a long Valentine's Day/President's Day weekend and Rick has updates on his war with the junkies who have been invading the alley next to his bedroom window. Mariya shares exciting news about a new prospective friend of the show. Tiffany of good butt fame is in the studio to submit her OK Cupid profile to rigorous review and critique. And more!

Direct download: TMAS_02-17-2015_final.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 7:56am PDT

Mariya's new friend, comedian and actor Bill Dawes, joins Mariya, Rick and Spencer in the Los Feliz studio to discuss lying in news, cheating in sports, and Mariya's girl conundrum. 

Direct download: TMAS_02-08-2015_final.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 10:21am PDT

While Rick sought enlightenment and oneness with nature at Joshua Tree over the weekend, Mariya and Spencer had their own adventures in LA which included a very productive day trip to the beach, a new sexcapade, and, of course, watching The Super Bowl. In the course of catching up, Rick reveals a surprising bit of information about his own butt. And more!

Direct download: TMAS_02-02-2015_final.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 10:23am PDT

Mariya wants to meet Stephen Hawking to discuss the secrets of the universe and fucking. A hilarious clip from The Bachelor inspires another great piece of TMAS improv. The gang watches a demonstration on a sexual application of grapefruit. A fan named his fish after Mariya. And more!

Direct download: TMAS_01-25-2015_final.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 8:26am PDT

Mariya is dying of the consumption but still tries to make sense of the nation's obsession with American Sniper instead of Selma on MLK Day. Nancy Grace debated 2Chainz about marijuana legalization. A message from Wendy Liebman. And more!

Direct download: TMAS_01_19_2015_final.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 9:13am PDT

The gang is appalled about the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris as well as a lot of people's self-centered reactions to it. Mariya shares a very sexy story. And more!

Direct download: TMAS_01-11-2015_final.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 12:00pm PDT

The crew is back in full force for the new year. Rick doesn't like people who leave negative Yelp! reviews. Mariya recalls a time she was held hostage at a fancy restaurant in Washington, DC. Mariya and Spencer take Tiffany of Nice Butt Fame to her first class at The Stockroom - this one led by Sir Rucifer, who gave the best, most engaging class yet, which was on Master/slave protocols. The Aukbirds debut a brand new original song, inspired by creepy OK Cupid erotica. 


Direct download: TMAS_01_04_2015_final.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 2:40pm PDT

Rick has problematic neighbors. People continue finding new ways to have sex with animals. The Internet is a scary place. And much more.

Direct download: TMAS_28DEC2014_final.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 6:40pm PDT

Mariya, Rick and Spencer celebrate the Christmas spirit with a dramatic literary reading, a review of the most interesting Christmas traditions from around the world, and even an original rock song the gang wrote specially for this Christmas episode. Mariya and Spencer attend another class at The Stockroom. And more!

Direct download: TMAS_12-22-2014_final.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 11:30am PDT

Mariya is proud to introduce Spencer, Rick and her audience to her new friend, Workaholics and Adam Devine's House Party writer/producer Scotty Landes. Together the merry group discuss the continuing dissolution of the world, namely the CIA torture report, the Sony email leaks, and the lead singer of Creed, Scott Stapp, and his plan to assassinate the president. Scotty shares insights on not being a douche and busting stuff up. And much, much more. 

Direct download: TMAS_12-14-2014_final.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 7:35am PDT

Rick is away for a comedy gig so Mariya and Spencer sit down alone to discuss Mormon porn, adults who are afraid of vegetables, Chris Rock being an angel, meditating for the common good, pickup artists, and more! 

Direct download: TMAS_07DEC2014_final.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:50am PDT

Kirk Cameron is a dickhead. Mariya is outraged about the state of nursing homes after visiting Spencer's grandma in one and feels very guilty for not protesting with the rest of the people upset over the Grand Jury decision in Ferguson, MO. Being solicited to do porn at local restaurant during dinner rush IS all it's cracked up to be. Rick is hosting a new live political talk show. And more. 

Direct download: TMAS_11-30-2014_final.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 8:58am PDT

The Grand Jury in Ferguson, MO decides not to indict Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager, 12 times, and protests are breaking out all over the country. Rick doesn't feel oppressed as a man. Mariya and Spencer visited DC over the weekend and Spencer met Mariya's parents. Mariya tells the glorious story of Maleficent in her own words. And more.

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Bill Cosby is a serial rapist. Mariya shares the lessons she learned from watching Foxcatcher. Rick saw Interstellar. Mariya and Spencer attended another mind-melting class at The Stockroom - this time on "black tie bondage" and fire play. Spencer uses the "black tie" bondage technique to tie up Rick. And much more. 

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Mariya is struggling to find meaning in her trivial existence after seeing Interstellar. Rick is back from Wisconsin and shares that he has had his heart broken and his "unimpressive unless hard" penis pierced before. Mariya reviews two very different porns she saw. And more.

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Rick Wood is still away, visiting family in Wisconsin. Republicans are very concerned about gay ancient Greek massages in the military. Mariya and Spencer are joined by comedian and MTV's Snack-Off judge, Yassir Lester, to discuss spirituality, comedy, and being the realest. 

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Rick is away. Mariya's friend, comedian Adrienne Airhart joins Mariya and Spencer in the Los Feliz studio for an evening of ragging on Steve Harvey, honest discussion about relationships, dick jokes, and dick serious statements. Mariya and Spencer continue to attract the affections of strange, overly confident people wherever they go. A vehemently anti-gay Republican politician in Michigan is exposed as a car rapist. And more!

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Mariya and Spencer recount their adventures in New Orleans, which include a second line parade with a jazz band, a very scary offer they had to refuse, and Mariya unwittingly opening for a huge celebrity comedian at a local show. Rick joins in the telling of tales of debauchery and revisits his own experiences with group sex offers. In a bizarre turn of events, Renee Zellweger's new face stirs up controversy. And more! 

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Mariya, Rick and Spencer spend some time covering the latest world and political developments, giving special attention to a series of Republican campaign ads targeting women. Young filmmaker Josh Beck joins the gang in the Los Feliz studio to discuss his soon to be released movie Ever, relationships, and more. 

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Mariya had a difficult week at work. Ferguson, MO protests are still raging on, likely fueled by Thomas Jackson's shitty non-apology. A psychotic teen murdered a thousand chickens with a golf club. Rick reveals that the secret to a successful lasting marriage is jerking off. Mariya experienced another happy ending via the boobs. HBO has a new documentary series about sex in Latin American cities and this week we learn that Argentinians are astoundingly filthy, but in a laid-back, positive way. And more!

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Mariya and Rick saw a depressing movie. Mariya got sexually harassed by a giant-breasted spiritual woman at karaoke. The NFL is America's KGB. Miss America sucks. And much, much more.
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