Wife Time with Mariya and Crystal
Wife Time is a comedy variety show for everyone who loves to laugh, especially at themselves. Mariya Alexander and co-host Crystal Sugarman are irreverent, incendiary, and irresistible. Join them weekly as they explore what it means to be human in an utterly stupid, absurd, and hilarious world.
Mariya lectures her audience on the dangers of sneezing while driving and other mundane hazards. Reporter Tom Risen arrives late to start interviewing Mariya for the website BrightestYoungThings.com.
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Mariya and Tom re-enact Tiger Woods sexts. Tom interviews Mariya about her love affair with radio and comedy.
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Mariya welcomes Iraq war veteran-turned-peace-activist Josh Stieber on the show. We learn about basic training, the emotional difficulty of having to kill another person, and where soldiers poop. http://contagiousloveexperiment.wordpress.com/
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More with handsome peace activist Josh Stieber. We learn about his mental shift from soldier to hippie, his appreciation of meditation and vegetarianism, and more. Check out his website: http://contagiousloveexperiment.wordpress.com/
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Mentally challenged listener Tom Gavin calls in and claims to be engaged. Thanksgiving "fun". Mariya's sister accuses her of being emotionally abusive.
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Black Friday shopping with family. Sexy improv enthusiast Christi Milton calls in. Mariya's best friend Ron Charnis calls in to discuss his recent disturbing conversation with a pedophile from the Czech Republic and new research about homosexuality.
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Celebrating Oprah's imminent departure. Review of the movie "Precious" and Mariya's life in the ghetto. Camel toes and you.
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