Wife Time with Mariya and Crystal
Wife Time is a comedy variety show for everyone who loves to laugh, especially at themselves. Mariya Alexander and co-host Crystal Sugarman are irreverent, incendiary, and irresistible. Join them weekly as they explore what it means to be human in an utterly stupid, absurd, and hilarious world.

Boston's very own, very hilarious Ellen Moschetto joins Mariya for a super special on-air bonding session. A frank conversation about sexuality, celibacy, spirituality, and one "special" little girl's lessons about periods ensues. 

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Mariya welcome Randolph Terrance back on the show, and the third time really is a charm. Randolph reveals his tender, sweet side as he discusses his daughter's potty training. Mariya delves more into her awkward childhood. Randolph attempts to educate Mariya about "thick" women. 

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After being abandoned by yet another co-host, Mariya lets down her hair alone. What ensues is a heartfelt rant followed by some delightful phone calls. A back-to-basics kind of show. Good clean fun for the whole family, except for the part where Emily Ruskowski curses like a sailor.

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The very chiseled and manly Pete Bladel returns to the show in Ahmed's absence to continue his on-air romance with Mariya. Together the pair takes a journey through comedy, the nation's political climate, the prevalence of doldrums and ennui in today's youth, and Kanye West's deep tender soul. Go figure. Hot and steamy radio at its best. :)

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The hilarious Seaton Smith joins Mariya and Ahmed in the studio. Conversation meanders through various topics including homophobia, Africans, why other comedians are scared of Seaton, grimy booty, pooping at work, and much much more.

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Comedian and podcaster Randolph Terrance returns to the show. Mariya's friend Kayla joins the fun too. Mariya got drunk on Halloween. Randolph starts a sexy music interlude. Randolph doesn't want a three-some. Kayla used to be married to a secret gay guy. A caller wants to drink Mariya's bath water. And much, much more...



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Mariya records a lonely podcast at home to make up for the failed recording of Sunday's show. Ruminations about death, life, sexuality, and various other embarrassing unfold. 

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Writer, comedian, improviser, teacher, and learned gentleman Shawn Westfall returns to bring some class to the show. Mariya met a trio of "revolutionaries" at a bar. After reciting some bad-ass poetry, Shawn tells Mariya and Ahmed about his experience dating a woman who has sex with ghosts. The adorable Emily Ruskowski accidentally crashes the show with her younger sister. Fun times for all.

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Mariya and Ahmed welcome Baltimore comedians Tommy Sinbazo and Bryan Preston on the show. Mariya is being cyber-bullied by a jealous ex-girlfriend. Tommy was such a beautiful baby that he's won beauty pageants. Mariya has her palm read. Anupama drops by to say hi. Hijinks and hilarity continue. 

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Mariya and Ahmed are joined by the adorable but smug Emily Ruskowski and the hilarious Evan Valentine. Mariya and Ahmed share tales of their adventures on the high seas. Evan laments on the troubles of being a wealthy white man. Special needs listener Tom Gavin crashes the studio in person and is very jealous of Mariya and Ahmed's closeness. Emily reports that suicidal people really love to masturbate.

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Ahmed comes back for "co-host date # 2" but is given some stiff competition by the adorable and hilarious Lafayette Wright. Together Mariya and Lafayette write and instantly perform their own musical, form a rap group, and delve into controversial topics such as male virginity. The smug but lovable Emily Ruskowski comes in late to brag about winning a comedy contest and rub everyone's noses in it. The legitimacy of said contest is immediately questioned by the rest of the gang. All ends well, though, when Sarah Caso comes in to play her awesome music and forces the loud-mouthed comedians out of the studio.

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Mariya is joined by the delightful Ahmed Huidobro and Reggie Melbrough. Discussion about online dating, Quran burning, Dr. Laura's love of the N-word and so much more ensues.


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A delightful cast of characters joins Mariya in the studio: EJ Ruchman, Jessica Brodkin, and Mike Goldman. We learn about homosexual practices in Uganda, that Jewish men have nice "schlongs", that Mariya wants to picket around Jessica's butt to protect its integrity, and much much more... (or less, depending on your perspective). Lively calls from many dear friends, and our favorite mentally challenged listener Tom Gavin.

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Mariya is joined by the delightfully funny Tyler Richardson. A talk about sex fruit, Mormonism, 80's erotica, and more unfolds. The adorable Jana Olsen, DC Comedy's biggest supporter and fan (see: groupie) stops by to say bye forever before moving to Seattle.

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Mariya welcomes young comedienne EJ Ruchman on the show to discuss entertainment, life, and lezzing out. Mariya discovers the wonders and joys of Found Footage Festival and is smitten. Lively phone calls.

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Tim Miller joins Mariya for a special monthly "Relationships" themed show and to help mediate Mariya and Tyler's tearful good-bye. Discussion on honesty about sex in relationships ensues. Lively phone calls.

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DC Improv instructor, comedian and improviser Shawn Westfall joins Mariya in studio. A free-wheeling conversation about comedy, art, young love, and celebrity beach bodies ensues. Mariya wants to make a "we are the world" music video to unite the DC Comedy scene. Weird phone calls from the beloved special needs listener Tom Gavin, and a disgruntled local comedian. Mariya disliked "Inception" but loved "Once".


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Mariya is joined in the studio by the hilarious Tim Miller. An honest conversation about dating, sex, and love ensues. 

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Hosts of Through The Looking Glass Comedy Show, Reggie Melbrough and Mike Curran, join Mariya in studio. Tyler, as would be appropriate on Father's Day, is away. A free-wheeling jaunt through silliness ensues as the boys compete for Mariya's affection; exposing the audience to a tragic childhood tale, a lonely father looking for a wife, radio improv, lively phone calls, and much much more. 

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DC comedy favorites Courtney Fearrington and Will Hessler join Mariya and Tyler in studio. Tyler brought a lovely female friend, whose afro Mariya admires. Mariya proposes that Erykah Badu is the black Bjork. Tim Miller calls in and sparks a conversation about interracial dating and the best pizza, which Tyler claims comes from Connecticut. Will arrives late and stirs things up. At last, Courtney unveils the mysterious comedy notebook belonging to an anonymous seemingly mentally challenged comic. The gang takes turns performing the material in the notebook, much to everyone's delight.

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05-23-2010 - The Mariya Alexander Show

Mariya oversleeps the show and arrives late, but Tyler and the wonderful Tim Miller get things rolling without her. Unfortunately, only Mariya holds the secrets of show recording, so as far as the podcast audience is concerned, there is no Mariya Alexander Show without Mariya. Upon Mariya's arrival we discover that it's actually possible to rate a woman's buttocks on a comprehensive scale of 1-50, who Tim would feel star-struck by, and much much more. (Maybe just a little more, shh...)

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05-02-2010 - The Mariya Alexander Show

Full studio: Ahmed fills in for Tyler and helps Mariya welcome the mysterious Sandwich Man, Chris Barylick, and the hilarious Jimmy Meritt on the show. Lively discussion about hitting on girls, comedy feuds, fillet mignon, and whether Mariya has cancer ensues. 

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Special guest Mikael Johnson in studio. Tyler shows up with his college friend Lycette. Brandon Wardell and Michael Foody call in with impressions of each other. Mikael made Mariya watch a Magic Johnson/Larry Bird documentary. Pete Bladel calls in to promote his charity show and inform the world he did NOT have sex with a horse. The mysterious Sandwich Man strikes again - will appear on next week's show. Can people queef on purpose? Angry radio listener rants about Montreal's hockey team. Mariya's mom calls in. Mariya bonds with Lycette about their Hispanic heritage. 

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04-18-2010 - The Mariya Alexander Show - Segment 1

Mariya and Pete continue their beautiful on-air love, when Tyler returns, catching them red-mouthed, and flies into a jealous rage. Everyone hugs and makes up, and it is decided that Mariya can handle two men in her radio world. Phone calls from comedienne Shane Webb, Mariya's mother, and a mysterious caller who asks whether Mariya has ever thought about traveling through space. 

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Pete admits to liking "Sex And The City". Mariya's Facebook girlfriend Lisa from Canada calls in. Pete's revelation # 2: attending the John Mayer concert. Are Facebook status updates fair game for in-person conversation topics? Musings on the self-indulgent generation of today. 

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04-11-2010 - The Mariya Alexander Show

Tyler is aways once again. Comedian Pete Bladel joins Mariya in studio to discuss comedy, Lil' Wayne, alternative lifestyles, and more. 

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Ahmed Huidobro is back in the studio to substitute for Tyler. Mariya's parents eat terrible things. Ahmed doesn't want to talk about phone sex, so instead tells all about Mormonism. 

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03-28-2010 - The Mariya Alexander Show - Segment 2

Mariya talks to comedic superstar Marc Maron about podcasting, comedy, and love. Mariya and Ahmed continue their bonding session. Impressionist Sylvia Tray Morrison calls in to say hi. 

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Like an emotionally negligent working father, Tyler makes an appearance for a brief spell and informs Mariya he almost went hog hunting and did not score with Mariya's sister. Improviser and comedy writer Tara Maher joins the show to discuss FISTing, her work at Washington Improv Theater, and this magical thing we call "life". Mystery caller wants to know about wolves and dinosaurs. 

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Mariya and Tara enjoy some girl bonding time. Kat Davis drops by to join the fun. Tara's stories of lost female masturbation aids, and her ascent to comedy greatness. Mysterious caller returns to inquire who of the girls is the strongest physically. 

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Veteran DC comedian, musician, and organic farmer Doug Powell visits Mariya. Ahmed finally shows up too. Hilarity ensues. 

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Kat Davis of Washington Improv Theater, and comedian/promoter Wayne Manigo join Mariya in the studio to discuss what drives people to do comedy and other random stuff.

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Aparna Nancherla and Kat Davis of Washington Improv Theater join Mariya and Tyler to talk about FIST - the Fighting Improv Smackdown Tournament. Mariya's young boyfriends, comedians Rory Gallagher and Brandon Wardell call in. A free-wheeling in-studio radio improv jam unfolds.

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Mariya and Tyler are excited to have Tommy Wiseau on the show. Mariya moved on from underage comedian Brandon Wardell to the barely legal Rory Gallagher. Tyler's experience at North Carolina Arts and Comedy Festival. Potential new segments for the show. 

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Director and star of the cult classic "The Room" joins Mariya and Tyler to answer, or avoid answering, some probing questions. 

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Inappropriately young comedian Brandon Wardell joins Mariya in the studio for a special Valentine's Day show. Stories of getting snowed in. Lively phone calls from special needs listener Tom Gavin, R&B singer Cee-Lo, rapper DMX, Tyler at North Carolina Comedy Festival, and many more. 


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Comedian and writer Mikael Johnson joins Mariya to discuss life, comedy, and everything in between. 

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Mariya and Tyler discuss the appearance of young comics on the scene. Mariya has an encounter with a mysterious Sandwich Man. Love advisor Mike Eltringham calls in. An anonymous caller has also met the Sandwich Man. More random stuff. 


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Mariya and Tyler welcome reporter Tom Risen back on the show. Review of the modern cult classic "The Room"; comedienne Anupama calls in to contribute. Other bad-good movies.
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A few words about Conan O'Brien and Jay Leno. Bad American Idol auditions and the "Pants On The Ground" phenomenon. Jimmy Fallon doesn't suck as much as previous thought? Mariya wants to steal all of Tyler's friends. An all-white professional basketball league has emerged in America.
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Former co-host Jenn and technology and social media expert Mike Hackmer join Mariya and Tyler in studio. Mariya's father likes to tell jokes. Four females under one roof do a brothel make. Mariya pays tribute to Artie Lange.
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What makes music "indie"? Scatological humor is universal. Mariah Carey gives a drunken speech at the Golden Globes. Deceased rappers Notorious B.I.G. and Old Dirty Bastard call in.
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Comedian Tyler Sonnichsen in studio to discuss local comedy, life in general, and whittle his way into Mariya's heart as her co-host.
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Mariya and Tyler explore the cinematic butchery of the modern cult classic "The Room" and get inspired to write their own horrible script. Getting to know Tyler. Why radio is awesome. Tyler's Obscure Vinyl segment: White Boys "Pump It Up".
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Former co-host, comedian Pete Bergen in studio. Mariya surprises Pete with a tribute montage. Is it appropriate to call trans-gender people "trannies"? Strange insults. Improv comrade Aaron Mosby calls in. Mariya muscles her way into future shows Pete will throw. Pete carries a pair of nose hair trimming scissors in his wallet.
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New Year's resolutions. Can one lose their orgasms from overuse? Pete and Mariya each other's back-up spouses? Comedian Bernie Mack calls in from heaven. Who knows more famous people, Pete or Mariya? Reporter Tom Risen calls to say hi.
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