Wife Time with Mariya and Crystal
Wife Time is a comedy variety show for everyone who loves to laugh, especially at themselves. Mariya Alexander and co-host Crystal Sugarman are irreverent, incendiary, and irresistible. Join them weekly as they explore what it means to be human in an utterly stupid, absurd, and hilarious world.

Mariya welcomes host of the You, Me, Them, Everybody podcast, Brandon Wetherbee on the show to give it some new hipster cred. Brandon Wrote an article for www.brightestyoungthings.com criticizing Jimmy Fallon for apologizing to Michelle Bachmann for letting The Roots play an "offensive" song during her entrace on his show. Brandon also called her a C word. A discussion on comedic license to use certain words takes off. And much, much more. 

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Mariya and Jheisson get some much needed alone time to catch up on life. We learn that Jheisson is a fan of cheesy 80's music and drunk texting. Brian met Mariya's parents for Thanksgiving. An argument about good bad movies. A study found that children with high IQ's are more likely to use drugs in adolescence and adulthood. Mariya admits that she wants to be famous.

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Mariya and Brian welcome the fantastical Tim Miller back on the show to discuss his favorite topics: feminism, relationships, shopping, cooking, and appropriate use of the C-word. Mariya brings some intellectualism to the episode by laughing profusely and repeatedly at the Herman Cain Libya clip. 

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Jheisson and Brian bear reluctant witness to Mariya's emotional breakdown spurred by the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and the unavoidable eventuality of Brian meeting Mariya's parents. A new movie segment called Spoiled Tomatoes is born: Brian reviews "Moneyball". And much, much more. 

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Mariya and Jheisson and Brian welcome Nate Johnson back on the show to discuss how Mariya saved his life, his brave Halloween costume choice, and romantic adventures. 

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Mariya and Jheisson welcome back Brian Parise. A new iPhone app helps locate sex offenders. Women can be sex offenders too. Mariya hates Herman Cain without any proof (yet) of his evil. 

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Jheisson is away, so Mariya welcomes the exuberant but very manly Brian Parise and Tim Miller alone. Together the group discusses race, creepiness, how doing comedy affects relationships, Tom Gavin and retardation, the Walmart Rap, and then wrap up the show with a phone call from a cat lover named Beatrice who lives with 38 cats.

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The very polite and mysterious Graham Currin is on the show to discuss life, comedy, politics, and whatever else we feel like discussing, GAWD!

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Jheisson and the scheduled guest, God, are running late, so Mariya starts the show alone. Once God arrives, he helps Mariya work through some of her guilt issues and reveals the mystery of how the universe started. Mariya humbly shares that she recently saved a friend's life. In short, this is a show of truly epic proportions.

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Jheisson is finally back in the studio, and the newly mustache free but still very manly and delightful Brian Parise returns. Mariya shares tales of her new criminal life and violent past in Ukraine. The ugly truth about comedy and podcasting. Evan Valentine calls in to say hi. And much, much more. 

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Comedian and blogger Tim Young joins Mariya in the studio to discuss EVERYTHING. Literally. All questions answerd. Mysteries of life solved.

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Jheisson is away, so Mariya welcomes the delightful and very young Pat Wise on the show alone. The conversation meanders through humorous and serious topics, including blogging, biology, gender, relationships, and how to get the bitches. 

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Mariya and Jheisson welcome Drey Tobin Dailey on the show. Together the fun group explores their neuroses, comedy, relationships, and deadly amoeba. Good not-so-clean fun for the whole dysfunctional family! 

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Jheisson is away celebrating his brother's marriage, so Mariya welcomes back an old friend of the show, the hilarious Tyler Richardson. As the two chat about life, relationships, and groupies with anatomical anomalies, a strange phone call comes in that may haunt Tyler for the rest of his life. 

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Mariya is thrilled to have another lady in the studio - the delightful Jenn Tisdale, who brings her cans wherever she goes. Jheisson is glad too. The usual dose of lighthearted merriment ensues. 

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Mariya and Jheisson are proud to welcome Pete Bladel and Brian Parise back on the show. Pete spends his weekends babysitting drunks. Brian wrestles his friend to defend Mariya's boob honor. A brief discussion of macking on bitches. Pete wants to discuss serious topics and Mariya does everything in her power to stop this. Mariya diagnoses everyone's personality disorders, and more!

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Jheisson is finally back from what turns out to be jail, and friend of the show Nate Johnson is in studio to help Mariya welcome him back. Amy Winehouse is dead. Jheisson tells the story of his Folsom Prison blues, which leads to a passionate discussion about the horrible prison system in the US as well as other politcal/social shortcomings. Mariya wants to start a comedy commune farm. Nate is looking for love in all the wrong places - namely OKCupid. Special needs listener Enrique calls back to declare that he does not hate Mariya, or women, and sees himself a lot like Vincent Van Gogh. 

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Mariya welcomes the very manly, mustachioed, and hilarious Brian Parise on the show to discuss onion varieties, the caving debt ceiling, and all sorts of other gangsta shit. 

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Jheisson is still missing, so Mariya welcomes her guests alone. Baltimore area comedy promoter David Shofer, and longtime friend and fellow comedian Sarah Donelly are in the studio for what turns out to be a revealing expose of Mr. Shofer's life. Complete with sad violin music and awkward laughs, this episode is for the emotional voyeur in each of us. 

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Friends of the show Pete Bladel and Evan Valentine return to the show to give us a rarely heard tall white man perspective on life. Mariya shares a disturbing story about the creator of the Dilbert cartoon. Internet memes and how to Tweet good. Pete is haggard and sad while Evan is thriving and in love. Old friend of the show & DC Comedy's best superfan Jana Olson calls in from her new home in Seattle to share big news. Mariya is afraid of pregnancy and childbirth. Japanese scientists are making burgers out of poop. And more.

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Former congressional candidate and current comedian and friend Travis Irvine joins the show for a lively romp through the political process and the mind of the world's most entertaining conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. Dear old friend Will Hessler, in typical Will fashion, joins the show halfway through to reminisce about fun times with Mariya at Party City and other adventures. Give it up for the troops.

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Jimmy Meritt and former co-host Ahmed Huidobro return on the show to wreac havoc and start comedy beef.

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It's a dark roasted edition of The Mariya Alexander Show as Mariya and Jheisson welcome new comedian Pat Coffey on the show. Mariya probes the guys' minds for their thoughts on feminism and sluts, in light of a rising movement called Slut Walk(http://www.slutwalktoronto.com/)  and much more!

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Mariya and Jheisson are proud to welcome former lovers and current comedy contemporaries Tim Miller and Sarah Donnelly on the show. The raucus group tackles topics such as racism, relationships, privacy and bootleg DVD's. Phone calls from Ralph Cooper and Abe Barth spice up the super intelligent discussion/yelling match.

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Nate Johnson joins Mariya and Jheisson in the studio. In this episode we learn about Mariya's righteous choice of public broadcasting over commercial podcasting, Jheisson's love of nectar, Mariya's still burning love for President Obama, and Nate's playing god with people's lives at his job. Plus much, much more.

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Mariya and Jheisson get together to record an informal Easter podcast. Mariya had a harrowing experience with her recent move and wants to make it into a movie. Jheisson gives Mariya the very intimate gift of socks. Everyone wants to feel special and loved. Twitter is better Facebook. Mariya tries to embrace her Jewishness. Jheisson brags about being a badass. And much, much more!

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04-17-2011 - The Mariya Alexander Show - New Beginnings

Mariya officially welcomes Jheisson Nunez as her new co-host and divulges the tale of how he killed her previous co-hosts in cold blood. Jheisson is a confirmed bachelor. The homeless are blogging now. Mariya goes on another heart-felt rant. 

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The multi-talented and very white and rich Evan Valentine returns to the show to promote his new production "Thor: The Musical" and is joined by Mariya's former co-host Tyler. The old friends catch up and chat about life, love, and comedy, but find that their bond is cemented by their mutual hate of Kathie Lee Gifford and her phony pretenses of being a "nice" person.

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The scoundrel Jimmy Meritt returns to the show to stir up trouble, talk smack, and share the story of his arduous struggle to get his cartoon series off the ground. Conversation meanders through New Year's resolutions, failures, successes, and the awesome documentary "I Am Comic". 

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