Wife Time with Mariya and Crystal
Wife Time is a comedy variety show for everyone who loves to laugh, especially at themselves. Mariya Alexander and co-host Crystal Sugarman are irreverent, incendiary, and irresistible. Join them weekly as they explore what it means to be human in an utterly stupid, absurd, and hilarious world.

Mariya and Jheisson welcome Drey Tobin Dailey on the show. Together the fun group explores their neuroses, comedy, relationships, and deadly amoeba. Good not-so-clean fun for the whole dysfunctional family! 

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Jheisson is away celebrating his brother's marriage, so Mariya welcomes back an old friend of the show, the hilarious Tyler Richardson. As the two chat about life, relationships, and groupies with anatomical anomalies, a strange phone call comes in that may haunt Tyler for the rest of his life. 

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Mariya is thrilled to have another lady in the studio - the delightful Jenn Tisdale, who brings her cans wherever she goes. Jheisson is glad too. The usual dose of lighthearted merriment ensues. 

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