Wife Time with Mariya and Crystal
Wife Time is a comedy variety show for everyone who loves to laugh, especially at themselves. Mariya Alexander and co-host Crystal Sugarman are irreverent, incendiary, and irresistible. Join them weekly as they explore what it means to be human in an utterly stupid, absurd, and hilarious world.

Mariya, Brian and Johno welcome old friend of the show, Nate Johnson, back into the studio. Mariya shares the music of an Ethiopian cab driver who gave her a free ride. What Nate took away from reading "The Game" and other stories of romantic woe. The state of Michigan done lost they minds! Disturbing phone calls. 

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Mariya, Brian, and Johno celebrate Pride Week by playing the gayest song ever made. Mariya's new revelation about hippies. Mariya's killer-spotting instincts are put to the test in a segment called The Line-Up where Mariya tries to separate murderes from lesser criminals by looking at their pictures. The superstar hip-hop/R&B sensation Drake calls in. DC comedian Marcus Paulsen calls in from the Pride Festival downtown. Mariya gives a count-down of the 25 gayest animals. A joyous romp of a show!

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Mariya, Johno and Brian are excited about the new Rick Ross sound board. Mariya is disturbed by the the recent flurry of cannibalistic crimes, and, inspired, tells a scary story.  An exploration of LL Cool J's "Hey Lover" and whether he is a romance novelist at heart. God calls in to clear up any confusion about LL Cool J's street cred and face eating. A brief discussion of Brotox. A classic lively show that's fun for the whole dysfunctional family!

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