Wife Time with Mariya and Crystal
Wife Time is a comedy variety show for everyone who loves to laugh, especially at themselves. Mariya Alexander and co-host Crystal Sugarman are irreverent, incendiary, and irresistible. Join them weekly as they explore what it means to be human in an utterly stupid, absurd, and hilarious world.

Mariya and Johno welcome Pete Sugg to unveil the Mariya Alexander Show rap theme song he composed. A theme song!!! Mariya has been very emotional lately. Petey explains how he started rapping. Forme co-host Pete Bergen calls in to tell a story of unrecognized greatness. And much, much more!

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Mariya welcomes back Brian and Rich Bennett on the show despite being depressed and uninspired. Caller gets an honest explanation of why he was unfriended on Facebook. Racial slurs. Hipsters steal laptops. Mitt Romney blah blah blah. And more things that were discussed reluctantly, kill me please. 

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Mariya was a maid of honor in a Jewish wedding. A local rapper is writing a theme song for the show. Coping with Johno's inclination toward Mitt Romney. 

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