Wife Time with Mariya and Crystal
Wife Time is a comedy variety show for everyone who loves to laugh, especially at themselves. Mariya Alexander and co-host Crystal Sugarman are irreverent, incendiary, and irresistible. Join them weekly as they explore what it means to be human in an utterly stupid, absurd, and hilarious world.

Mariya chats with fun new DC band Rich Mahogany about music, the ravages of growing up upper middle class, upping their street cred, and more!

Check them out: http://www.facebook.com/RichMahoganyMusic

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Mariya, Matty and Charlie welcome the very manly Randolph Terrance back on the show. Mariya's mom calls in to discuss her parenting techniques. Mariya is worried that the NY Cannibal Cop may be acquitted. Charlie's crazy angels. Mariya's encounters with scary women. And more!!!

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Mariya starts the show alone because Matty is running late. Social anxiety and adult bullying. Hypocrisy in yoga. Mariya's Twitter wife Sarah, @ohnoshetwitnt, calls in. Matty finally comes in. What makes a hipster? Mariya still doesn't like Sleepwalk With Me. Musings on early love. 

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Mariya is glad to spend some quality time with her comedy friend "Eleanor". Mariya explains her love of Howard Stern. Then a meandering discussion about crazy dudes, prostitutes, Mariya's newfound appreciation of sex and porn unfolds. Mariya met a rapper on U street. 

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It's a super packed studio when Mariya, Matty, and Charlie welcome David Tveite and Will Hessler back on the show. The boys bond about their tastes in powerful older women, Mariya quickly becomes uncomfortable with so much untemptered testosterone in the room, Charlie is single again, Mariya wants to make a fake OK Cupid account, and much, much more.

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