Wife Time with Mariya and Crystal
Wife Time is a comedy variety show for everyone who loves to laugh, especially at themselves. Mariya Alexander and co-host Crystal Sugarman are irreverent, incendiary, and irresistible. Join them weekly as they explore what it means to be human in an utterly stupid, absurd, and hilarious world.

Rick has problematic neighbors. People continue finding new ways to have sex with animals. The Internet is a scary place. And much more.

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Mariya, Rick and Spencer celebrate the Christmas spirit with a dramatic literary reading, a review of the most interesting Christmas traditions from around the world, and even an original rock song the gang wrote specially for this Christmas episode. Mariya and Spencer attend another class at The Stockroom. And more!

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Mariya is proud to introduce Spencer, Rick and her audience to her new friend, Workaholics and Adam Devine's House Party writer/producer Scotty Landes. Together the merry group discuss the continuing dissolution of the world, namely the CIA torture report, the Sony email leaks, and the lead singer of Creed, Scott Stapp, and his plan to assassinate the president. Scotty shares insights on not being a douche and busting stuff up. And much, much more. 

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Rick is away for a comedy gig so Mariya and Spencer sit down alone to discuss Mormon porn, adults who are afraid of vegetables, Chris Rock being an angel, meditating for the common good, pickup artists, and more! 

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Kirk Cameron is a dickhead. Mariya is outraged about the state of nursing homes after visiting Spencer's grandma in one and feels very guilty for not protesting with the rest of the people upset over the Grand Jury decision in Ferguson, MO. Being solicited to do porn at local restaurant during dinner rush IS all it's cracked up to be. Rick is hosting a new live political talk show. And more. 

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The Grand Jury in Ferguson, MO decides not to indict Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager, 12 times, and protests are breaking out all over the country. Rick doesn't feel oppressed as a man. Mariya and Spencer visited DC over the weekend and Spencer met Mariya's parents. Mariya tells the glorious story of Maleficent in her own words. And more.

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Bill Cosby is a serial rapist. Mariya shares the lessons she learned from watching Foxcatcher. Rick saw Interstellar. Mariya and Spencer attended another mind-melting class at The Stockroom - this time on "black tie bondage" and fire play. Spencer uses the "black tie" bondage technique to tie up Rick. And much more. 

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Mariya is struggling to find meaning in her trivial existence after seeing Interstellar. Rick is back from Wisconsin and shares that he has had his heart broken and his "unimpressive unless hard" penis pierced before. Mariya reviews two very different porns she saw. And more.

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Rick Wood is still away, visiting family in Wisconsin. Republicans are very concerned about gay ancient Greek massages in the military. Mariya and Spencer are joined by comedian and MTV's Snack-Off judge, Yassir Lester, to discuss spirituality, comedy, and being the realest. 

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Rick is away. Mariya's friend, comedian Adrienne Airhart joins Mariya and Spencer in the Los Feliz studio for an evening of ragging on Steve Harvey, honest discussion about relationships, dick jokes, and dick serious statements. Mariya and Spencer continue to attract the affections of strange, overly confident people wherever they go. A vehemently anti-gay Republican politician in Michigan is exposed as a car rapist. And more!

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Mariya and Spencer recount their adventures in New Orleans, which include a second line parade with a jazz band, a very scary offer they had to refuse, and Mariya unwittingly opening for a huge celebrity comedian at a local show. Rick joins in the telling of tales of debauchery and revisits his own experiences with group sex offers. In a bizarre turn of events, Renee Zellweger's new face stirs up controversy. And more! 

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Mariya, Rick and Spencer spend some time covering the latest world and political developments, giving special attention to a series of Republican campaign ads targeting women. Young filmmaker Josh Beck joins the gang in the Los Feliz studio to discuss his soon to be released movie Ever, relationships, and more. 

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Mariya had a difficult week at work. Ferguson, MO protests are still raging on, likely fueled by Thomas Jackson's shitty non-apology. A psychotic teen murdered a thousand chickens with a golf club. Rick reveals that the secret to a successful lasting marriage is jerking off. Mariya experienced another happy ending via the boobs. HBO has a new documentary series about sex in Latin American cities and this week we learn that Argentinians are astoundingly filthy, but in a laid-back, positive way. And more!

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Mariya and Rick saw a depressing movie. Mariya got sexually harassed by a giant-breasted spiritual woman at karaoke. The NFL is America's KGB. Miss America sucks. And much, much more.
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Jennifer Lopez wants the world to know she has a big booty, but the gang is not impressed. Mariya has a new roommate, the lovely Tiffany Van Goey. Rick had a writing gig at a tech award show. Eric the Actor of Howard Stern fame is dead. Robin Thicke gives the craziest deposition in court in the lawsuit filed against him by the Estate of Marvin Gaye. And much, much more!

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The show opens with a song by a self-proclaimed rapper called Little Albert. Mariya is concerned about the generation of young women who are dealing with a dating pool of men who refuse to perform cunnilingus. Rick gets a clean bill of health from the cartoonish doctor the entire cast of the show goes to. Mariya auditioned for an entertainment news reporting job. And much, much more. 

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Mariya is upset about the celebrity leaked nude photos and about many people's reaction to them. The gang discusses ISIS, the continuing aftermath of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and much more.

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Mariya learns about a moratorium on porn production from her new porn star twitter friends. Rick is inspired to design gay sex acts. People are outraged about a nail polish that can detect the date rape drug. Mariya had an energy healing, she thinks. The gang discusses hoaxes and goofs. And much, much more. 

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Rick is away. Mariya and Spencer spent the weekend hanging out with Lauren Reeves, comedian and future space explorer. Mariya's first Hollywood friend Gary Kohn is in the studio to discuss his recent trip to Israel and The West Bank. Mariya uses a $5 slutty dress and her sensitive boobs to earn the respect of her peers. And much more. ​

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MTV reality star and Doctor of Religious Studies Susie Meister joins Mariya, Rick and Spencer in the studio to discuss how her religious education changed her own religious views and where it's taking her TV career. Mariya is excited about a young southern rapper called Froggy Fresh and his best friend Money Maker Mike. ​

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Comedian Billy Wayne Davis joins Mariya, Rick and Spencer in The Los Feliz Studio to weigh in on NASCAR, comedy parasites, boners, and much, much more. ​

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Rick always thinks he's dying. Mariya is very upset about the Israel/Palestine conflict and its portrayal in the media.

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Rick Wood is back from being on the road and wants to try to be less frightening to the inhabitants of Los Angeles. Mariya and Spencer use improvisational comedy to teach Rick how to act in typical LA situation. The Fifty Shades Of Grey movie draws Mariya's ire. Oprah is charging her fans money to join her "circle of friends". And much, much more. 

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The people of Bad Lip Reading write great songs. Rick Wood is away busking across the Southwest with D.B. Rouse. Mariya and Spencer went to another class at The Stockroom on Saturday. Jenny is willing to get fingered on the show right here and now but Mariya is shy and unprepared for this turn of events. Mariya discusses her limited experience with vaginas and the women they were attached to. And much more. ​


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Reggae ruins everything. New study shows that so-called "nice" people are the most willing to hurt and kill you. A look back at Mariya's Hispanic life. Making new friends is fun. Rick Wood's wife has incredible words of wisdom to say about making art. Rick wood is going on a music tour. And more!​

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Mariya and Spencer have a religious experience at a concert and then celebrate Independence Day by trying to get a friend out of jail. The exciting world of bail bonds. Stockroom.com is the show's new patron saint. Guest Bridget Phetasy talks about balancing life, writing, comedy, and being naked. 


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Mariya and Spencer explain why Evan is gone. Rick recommends Hot Mormon Girls. A discussion on anti-heroes. And much more!


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Mariya and Spencer expose Steve Harvey for the monster that he is. Spencer fainted in fisting class. The anti gay marriage rally in Washington, DC was as lame as it sounds. Mariya met a wizard in a bar. And more!

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Puff Daddy wants the love but Mariya doesn't want to give him the love. Rick Wood is away. Mariya witnesses an act of compassion in public while the rest of the world is mainly still up to the same old shitty antics. A discussion of quantum mechanics inspires the gang to do their own experiment to see if water is affected by words.

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Mariya and Spencer finally have a nice experience at the open mic that's been giving them grief for several weeks in a row. Mariya gets propositioned for lesbian sex. A discussion on the practicality of scissoring for both genders. And much, much more. 

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Mariya is emotionally upheaved in the wake of the shooting at USC Santa Barbara.

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Mariya and Spencer spent the weekend busting stuff up. A discussion on bad behavior. Mariya reveals expensive secrets of enlightenment for free. And much, much more.

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Mariya, Spencer and Evan attended a BDSM class at The Stockroom about "puppy play". Mariya and Rick try to sort out racism. And much, much more. 

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Evan the erotic fiction author. Mariya has trouble with happiness. Saudi Arabia is the worst place on earth. Mother's Day celebrations with Tom Arnold and caviar eye cream. The Rick Wood story. And much, much more.

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Mariya, Spencer and Rick go on a tour of Evan's bedroom. Women's headphones. Russian is an absurd language. We learn that Rick is a very sex-positive person while reading a horrible list of 25 "sex oopsies" from a women's website. And more!

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Mariya, Spencer and Evan welcome new friend and show contributor Rick Wood to the show. Racist old people. Ego and art. And much much more...

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Mariya, Evan and Spencer listen to KISS without makeup and lay out a new path for the show.  For this episode, I've attached the cover image I would like to use. It's KISS without makeup, who continue to haunt me.
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Mariya and Spencer spend the night in his childhood home protecting his mother and sharing horror stories of comedians-on-comedy crime.

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The East Coast crew is reunited in RJ's basement to share laughs and stories of woe. Max broke up with his girlfriend and is now a grizzled lone wolf. A marriage proposal at an open mic. Ten non-alternatives to sex. Natalie knows adult twins. Mariya still hates Oprah. Natalie's news. GOOD CLEAN FUN FOR THE WHOLE DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY. 

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The East Coast crew is tied up again, so Mariya sits down with Spencer and Kay Marvin to be outraged by a Cosmo article claiming women who say they enjoy oral sex are lying. 

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The East Coast is buried in snow and familial obligations so Mariya and Spencer sit down to record an LA podcast episode after a very busy weekend of going out on the town, quality family time, and getting to sit in on a class on erotic electrocution. 

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Mariya shares her views on the Ukrainian/Russian conflict, which leads to an exploration of people using real or imaginary hardship to get famous. No one on the show knows what they would put into their Curated Box. Duke University is involved in another sex-related scandal and more Natalie's News. 

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RJ is off and the crew is once again gathered in Marc's basement studio. Mariya's new tattoo sparks a debate on tattooing, and of course, Max does not approve. Mariya, Evan, and Spencer lived through the most epic open mic in the history of open mics, complete with fights, drama, and lesbian stuff. Natalie's news. 

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Mariya is excited and inspired about comedy again after meeting Eddie Pepitone. Max had fun in NYC with his mom at her toy convention, though she is still kind of racist. Mariya and Spencer witnessed a singles mixer while at brunch. Pilot Season in Los Angeles. Mariya is getting a tattoo. Max has a girlfriend. Mariya hates Girl Scout cookies. And much, much more.


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Max is away in NYC with his racist mom, and Glenna is lost in a snowy drift, so Mariya, Natalie and Spencer & Evan kick the show off by discussing Valentine's Day. Then, Glenna arrives and the fun continues with more about life, love, and truth.

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02-11-2014 - The Mariya Alexander Show

Glenna is out for a sleep study. Illustrator and comedian Nick Stadler joins Mariya and Spencer in the Los Feliz studio as they Skype into DC headquarters to talk with Max and Natalie about racism, moms, religion, and eating voyeurism. 

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02-03-2014 - The Mariya Alexander

Mariya reconnects with her DC crew for the first "normal" LA-based episode and she is fully of righteous rage about Steven Seagal's friendship with Vladimir Putin, the Dalai Lama being a hypocritical dick, and George Zimmerman's very existence. Mariya also decides Woody Allen is no longer her favorite writer/director and encourages everyone with any shred of human decency to abandon him as well. Max has a basic bitch encounter with a former lover, which inspires an impromptu dramatic reading from Glenna and Natalie. Plus, Natalie's news.

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1-31-2013 - The Mariya Alexander Show

Mariya, abandoned by her usual crew, sits down in her new living room in LA with friends Evan Kessler, Gary Kohn, and Kay Marvin to tell the audience about her move and settling into life in LA. The impromptu ensemble quickly gels and the conversation easily flows through fun topics like the forces at work in the universe and whether a man's personality betrays his penis size. 

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1-19-2014 - The Mariya Alexander Show

Mariya is emotional about her last in-studio show in DC before leaving for LA. Mariya's friend Sean Joyce joins the usual crew to discuss relationships, sex, and bronies. 

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Mariya makes a big announcement. Max and Mariya have had run-ins with the same bully in the local comedy scene. Mariya takes off her bra. Surprising health benefits of sex. Natalie's news. 

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Mariya's friend gets random voicemails from the seedy underworld of trailer park prostitution. Guest Jennifer Tress answers questions about her book "You're Not a Pretty Enough" teaching us about relationships, sexuality, betrayal and redemption. Max remains the voice of male reason. Natalie's news: a big goes on a hunger strike, North Carolina is run by idiots, and MORE! 

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***PROMO ONLY*** Mariya sits down with her friends Spencer and Evan in Los Angeles to finish as much of the Dad Weed gift as possible while discussing the logistics of running a cuddle business.

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