Wife Time with Mariya and Crystal
Wife Time is a comedy variety show for everyone who loves to laugh, especially at themselves. Mariya Alexander and co-host Crystal Sugarman are irreverent, incendiary, and irresistible. Join them weekly as they explore what it means to be human in an utterly stupid, absurd, and hilarious world.
Mariya and Spencer are back for the first recording since the election to try to make sense of everything. Ryan is gone. Mariya has a theory of why white people are so afraid of everyone. Ben Carson is back. And more! 


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Melania Trump makes a brief appearance to defend herself. Mariya tells the story of Russian and FBI interference in the election. Ryan is moving to New York. Mariya reads an excerpt from her new book about Megyn Kelly. And more! 


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Donald Trump is getting so crazy, it's funny again. Mariya appreciates PC culture. Ryan has a moment of clarity. The gang plans for the nuclear apocalypse. A dramatic reading of a very special TV show pitch. And more! 

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Mariya, Ryan and Spencer are back! Ryan almost fainted during the last show recording attempt. Mariya learned a sad lesson during a friend's visit. A look at the fascinating world of gay fetishes. Mariya warns against a Trump presidency by reminding everyone about the horrors of Russia. And more!

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Mariya is overwhelmed by the sheer volume of news events since the last show recording. Clowns have been plaguing a community in South Carolina. Ryan appeared on TLC's new reality show "Love At First Kiss". And much more!

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Mariya's support for and promotion of Ryan's penis is yielding results. Orlando Bloom's penis makes a splash. Donald Trump's war on babies. Mariya wants to do magic. And more!

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Mariya, Ryan, and Spencer are back after repeated tragedies rattle the nation. Ryan is addicted to Pokemon GO. Mariya and Spencer did some political activism. Mariya's experiences with kindness. And more!


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Mariya, Spencer, and Ryan are back to discuss the burning issues of the day: momentous Supreme Court decisions, social activism vs. social media activism, Ryan's manly forearms, racism, Craigslist personal ads, and much, much more. 

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Mariya, Spencer, and Ryan discuss the recent mass shooting in Orlando and unsolicited submissions Spencer receives from actors and writers. 


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Special guest, Playboy columnist Bridget Phetasy joins Mariya, Spencer and Ryan in the Los Feliz Studio. Mariya is shell-shocked after visiting her family. Bridget discusses the nuances of being a sex and relationship columnist. And more! Featuring music from rapper Yung Numbaz. 

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Mariya is dying of the plague. The gang says good-bye to Ted Cruz. Mariya finds herself in yet another awkward situation.


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Prince is dead. Mariya tells a story of her fight for justice in the workplace. An update on Ryan's romantic life. Ted Cruz' creepy love of soup. Top 3 conservative politicians who are actively fucking people over. And more! 

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Mariya, Spencer and Ryan are back to catch up on everything. Mariya marks the birthday of a very influential person in her life. A Kristen Wiig sighting. A discussion of Chariot For Women. And much more. 

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Donald Trump's recent comments about punishing women for getting abortions and some personal experiences inspire Mariya to dedicate the entire episode to talking about what it's like to be a woman in an overwhelmingly man's world. Spencer and Ryan were not harmed during the recording.


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Mariya, Spencer and Ryan are back, shell-shocked from a recent failed recording session. Mariya bemoans the false sense of intimacy social media creates between people. Violence and racism at Trump rallies and Sarah Palin. Mariya's friend, DJ/Producer Jimmy Maheras joins the gang in the studio to weigh in on world events and talk about his music. And more!

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Mariya and Spencer salute Ryan's brave stand against body shaming and also his penis. Mariya's magic is only effective on some people. The death of Antonin Scalia has brought out the crazies. A discussion of the Eat24/Yelp open letter to CEO controversy. And much more!

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Mariya and Spencer welcome comedian Ryan Broems back on the show. Mariya attempts to make sense of Lent, Ash Wednesday, and PMS. Mariya is worried about Ryan's self-destructive tendencies and invites him to be a regular part of the show. Mariya is obsessed with the show Black Sails and pirates. And more! 

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Mariya and Spencer welcome fashion model and writer Madeline Hill on the show to discuss the absurdity of life as a model, as well as the Flint, MI disaster and Ted Cruz' win in Iowa. Friend of the show comedian Ryan Broems joins in on the fun. 

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Mariya, Spencer and friend of the show Ryan Broems sit down in the Los Feliz studio to discuss Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, the complexity of vaginas, and more!


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Mariya and Spencer are happy to welcome Kay back after her holiday travels, just in time to discuss Marco Rubio's evil sponsors, Ted Cruz' penchant for spanking children, Making a Murderer, Maine Governor Paul LePage's old timey racism, the continued occupation of Oregon, the Power Ball, and more.

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After a long holiday break, Mariya and Spencer are back, with friend of the show, comedian Ryan Broems sitting in. Someone who didn't like Mariya very much suddenly died and Mariya is having conflicting reactions to it. Ryan refuses to try to get healthy. Mariya's newfound thoughts on aliens and UFO's. Ryan shares a story about being a male cheerleader in high school. Mariya explains the hostile occupation by armed militia men in Oregon. Spencer presents the top 5 songs of 2015. A juicy, satisfying slab of a show in time for the holidays (on the old calendar). 

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