Wife Time with Mariya and Crystal (general)
Wife Time is a comedy variety show for everyone who loves to laugh, especially at themselves. Mariya Alexander and co-host Crystal Sugarman are irreverent, incendiary, and irresistible. Join them weekly as they explore what it means to be human in an utterly stupid, absurd, and hilarious world.

Mariya and Spencer are joined in the Los Feliz Studio to discuss Thanksgiving, the current state of the world, and most importantly to help Crystal make an online dating profile. 

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Mariya and Johno welcome Pete Sugg to unveil the Mariya Alexander Show rap theme song he composed. A theme song!!! Mariya has been very emotional lately. Petey explains how he started rapping. Forme co-host Pete Bergen calls in to tell a story of unrecognized greatness. And much, much more!

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Mariya, Brian and Johno at the best. Mariya got drunk the night before St. Patrick's Day and discreetly vomited on the metro. Johno talks to himself. A heavy-breathing caller shares jokes and stories of woe. Rapper Essence (Eric Taylor) and his body guard Jamel stop by the studio to drop some ill freestyles and get crunk. Mariya tries to give him a compelling story of hardship and struggle, which is difficult to do because Eric is a white rapper who did not grow up in a trailer park.

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Mariya, Brian, and Johno welcome the very funny and possibly the nicest comedian in DC, Courtney Fearrington back on the show. Another intervention about Johno's health breaks out. A few words about dreams and aspirations. Mike James calls in to join the merriment and recall a special moment he shared with Brian when they first met. 

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Mariya and Brian don't welcome guest DJ/Producer Patrick Turner because he couldn't find a ride, so instead they discuss the documentary film Catfish and the difference between delusion, art, and utter creepiness. 

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Mariya welcomes host of the You, Me, Them, Everybody podcast, Brandon Wetherbee on the show to give it some new hipster cred. Brandon Wrote an article for www.brightestyoungthings.com criticizing Jimmy Fallon for apologizing to Michelle Bachmann for letting The Roots play an "offensive" song during her entrace on his show. Brandon also called her a C word. A discussion on comedic license to use certain words takes off. And much, much more. 

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Mariya and Jheisson get some much needed alone time to catch up on life. We learn that Jheisson is a fan of cheesy 80's music and drunk texting. Brian met Mariya's parents for Thanksgiving. An argument about good bad movies. A study found that children with high IQ's are more likely to use drugs in adolescence and adulthood. Mariya admits that she wants to be famous.

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Mariya and Brian welcome the fantastical Tim Miller back on the show to discuss his favorite topics: feminism, relationships, shopping, cooking, and appropriate use of the C-word. Mariya brings some intellectualism to the episode by laughing profusely and repeatedly at the Herman Cain Libya clip. 

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Jheisson and Brian bear reluctant witness to Mariya's emotional breakdown spurred by the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and the unavoidable eventuality of Brian meeting Mariya's parents. A new movie segment called Spoiled Tomatoes is born: Brian reviews "Moneyball". And much, much more. 

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Mariya and Jheisson and Brian welcome Nate Johnson back on the show to discuss how Mariya saved his life, his brave Halloween costume choice, and romantic adventures. 

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Mariya and Jheisson welcome back Brian Parise. A new iPhone app helps locate sex offenders. Women can be sex offenders too. Mariya hates Herman Cain without any proof (yet) of his evil. 

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Jheisson is away, so Mariya welcomes the exuberant but very manly Brian Parise and Tim Miller alone. Together the group discusses race, creepiness, how doing comedy affects relationships, Tom Gavin and retardation, the Walmart Rap, and then wrap up the show with a phone call from a cat lover named Beatrice who lives with 38 cats.

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It's a dark roasted edition of The Mariya Alexander Show as Mariya and Jheisson welcome new comedian Pat Coffey on the show. Mariya probes the guys' minds for their thoughts on feminism and sluts, in light of a rising movement called Slut Walk(http://www.slutwalktoronto.com/)  and much more!

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Mariya and Jheisson are proud to welcome former lovers and current comedy contemporaries Tim Miller and Sarah Donnelly on the show. The raucus group tackles topics such as racism, relationships, privacy and bootleg DVD's. Phone calls from Ralph Cooper and Abe Barth spice up the super intelligent discussion/yelling match.

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After being abandoned by yet another co-host, Mariya lets down her hair alone. What ensues is a heartfelt rant followed by some delightful phone calls. A back-to-basics kind of show. Good clean fun for the whole family, except for the part where Emily Ruskowski curses like a sailor.

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The hilarious Seaton Smith joins Mariya and Ahmed in the studio. Conversation meanders through various topics including homophobia, Africans, why other comedians are scared of Seaton, grimy booty, pooping at work, and much much more.

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Mariya and Ahmed welcome Baltimore comedians Tommy Sinbazo and Bryan Preston on the show. Mariya is being cyber-bullied by a jealous ex-girlfriend. Tommy was such a beautiful baby that he's won beauty pageants. Mariya has her palm read. Anupama drops by to say hi. Hijinks and hilarity continue. 

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Peter attempts to call in. Islam and Christianity are like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Mariya and VJ dont want to discuss each others past love lives. Gary and Mariya share an embarrassing secret. Mariya and Gary recall fun times with special needs listener Tom Gavin. Fun with infomercials.
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Oprah gives the worst commencement speeches and likes to be ridden horsey on all fours. Infomercial stars like to rape and brutalize hookers.
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Mariya and Pete discuss musical preferences and pornography. Mariya knows a girl who used to be in porn.
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Mariya and Pete appreciate Barack Obamas sense of humor. RNC chairman Michael Steele gives a ridiculous interview to GQ magazine. 14 year old conservative Johnathan Krohn needs to be punched or pantsed.
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Mariya hates Ayn Rand. China wants to collect its debt in America. Tom Gavin the special needs listener calls in.
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Jim Cramer gets reamed out by Jon Stewart for helping financial institutions instead of his viewing audience. Mariya had her first improv class.
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Fox News wrongly reports that Beer Pong gives you Herpes. Mariya and Pete ponder angry retards. Mariya likes Woody Allen. Pete has a man crush on Matt Damon. The different degrees of funny.
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Mariya introduces comedian Pete Bergen as her new co-host. Octomom made a 911 call. Rush Limbaugh tells bad jokes. Wayne LaPierre doesnt care if your butthole puckers.
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Jenn is leaving the show and Mariya is devastated. Comedian Sean OBrien visits. Everyone has similar bacteria in their mouths. Saving a life can get you a jaywalking citation. Hate group memberships are soaring.
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Mariya is still heart-broken over Jenn leaving the show. Mariyas best friend Ron is back from Israel. Hanging out with old school hippies is fun. Bobby Jindal is laughable.
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Rush Limbaugh and his crazy Limbaugh Laws. Jenn has a scary darker side. Patrick didnt like Dimitri Martin.
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Bill OReilley calls for the people of California to take to the streets with torches and pitchforks in response to Octomom. DJ Patrick Turner in studio. Barack Obama cologne is on the market. Rush Limbaugh gives sex advice. Recap of Moog at Red Maple last Thursday - Mariya got thrown around on the dance floor during Patricks set. Mariya was a fussy eater as a child. A disabled body-builder calls in.
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Atheist rapper Petey Sugg calls in to share his art. Dick Cheney continues to be evil even in retirement. DJ Patrick Turner calls in to promote his weekly party and podcast.
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Mariya is frustrated by mens behavior and wants to become a lesbian. Bill OReilley is at war with The New York Times. Dick Cheney is on another scare campaign. Wupac calls in to say hi. Mariya is angry abour Republican opposition to Obamas stimulus plan.
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Mariya and Jenn recover from the terrible phone call that killed their first segment. Sarah Palin is out and about. Mariya and Jenn speculate about crashing a Young Republican party. John Thain of Merrill Lynch is ugly and stupid. Mariya went to see Thievery Corporation and went backstage to meet band members.
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The Chinese government censored Obamas inaugural speech. More about the Federal Reserve and income tax. Scenesters are funny.
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Mariya and Jenn discuss their inauguration celebration. Mariya rates her recent dates. The Federal Reserve is evil.
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