Wife Time with Mariya and Crystal (podcasts)
Wife Time is a comedy variety show for everyone who loves to laugh, especially at themselves. Mariya Alexander and co-host Crystal Sugarman are irreverent, incendiary, and irresistible. Join them weekly as they explore what it means to be human in an utterly stupid, absurd, and hilarious world.
Comedian Ryan Broems joins Mariya and Spencer again in the Los Feliz studio. Mariya makes fun of a racist California man who vandalizes the wrong house of worship which leads to another heartfelt plea for people in general to try to control their impulses and for Ryan specifically to abandon his love affair with Burger King. The topic of things that are bad for you naturally leads to a discussion about Donald Trump and his recently released health report. And much, much more. 


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Mariya, Spencer and Kay are reunited to discuss their respective Thanksgiving breaks and catch up on all the chaos in the news, including the terrorist attack in San Bernadino, Republican presidential candidates still behaving like total dicks, the best television show of the year, new slang words, and much more.

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Mariya and Spencer welcome new friend comedian Ryan Broems to discuss growing up in a small town in Connecticut, male stripping, and being involved in a Twitter controversy, and much more. 

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Mariya recounts the horrors of Halloween. Religious kids are dicks. Ben Carson is a retarded miracle. And more!

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A recap of the Benghazi hearings. Mariya writes her own new Adele song. Least and most attractive people in the country. And more!

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The gang is back for a brunch-time recording! Mariya finds new appreciation for her life by remembering all the weird penises she's had to deal with before. Hillary Clinton dominated the first Democratic debate, and more.

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The Pope came to America. Floods in South Carolina. Mariya is traumatized by a recent adventure. And more!

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Mariya is traumatized after visiting her parents. Adult Friend Finder is frightening. And much more!

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Kay Marvin joins Mariya and Spencer again to discuss 9/11, Kim Davis, and Mariya's first REAL lesbian experience.

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Mariya's former domestic partner Kay Marvin sits in with Mariya and Spencer to discuss the VMAs, dating styles, bigoted Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis, and much more.

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Mariya and Spencer sit down to catch up on life and on the world's events, which mainly include men being terrible. Mariya went to a funeral. The top 5 songs in the country. And more! 

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Mariya needs a new dentist and is having problems with a coworker. Republican debate recap. And more!

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Mariya and Spencer sit down in the Los Feliz studio to catch up on the latest world and personal news. Topics covered include: surprising top ten list of the most sexually diseased cities in the country, continued raging gun violence, Mariya did a show with some of her comedy heroes, Mariya's new friend Sir Rucifer, the heartbreaking murder of Cecil The Lion, and more.

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Having just finished watching sense8 on Netflix, and based on other compelling evidence, Mariya is convinced there are two different species of human beings. Spencer's best friend Nick joins in on the fun.

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Mariya has been sick. Rick is gone again. More aftermath of Cardgate 2015. Supreme Court decisions. Donald Trump. And more!

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Mariya and Spencer sit down alone in the Los Feliz studio to discuss Rachel Dolezal's insanity, people's rabid transphobia and homophobia, not being an asshole, and a special unsolicited request for representation Spencer received at work. 

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Mariya doesn't like certain comedy head shots. More Republican candidates enter the race, much to everyone's horror and delight. Comedian and TV writer Bill Dixon joins the gang in the Los Feliz studio to discuss the tragedies and triumphs of his life. And much, much more!

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Mariya's first Hollywood premiere and first look at San Francisco. Rick Santorum has a shitty campaign song. Carly Fiorina hates the Chinese. Racist principal in Georgia. And much more. 

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Spencer had the zombie flu all weekend. According to conservatives, being gay causes train crashes. Birthday Card Gate is resolved. Rick's dad wants to FaceTime. And more! 

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Mariya shares her thoughts on looking young. Bill Cosby finally speaks out about all the rape allegations, sort of. A few words about Señor Jeb Bush. Mariya and Spencer receive two very different birthday cards. And more! 

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Rick has returned to tell of his adventures. Mariya and Spencer had adventures of their own in Portland, Oregon during Bridgetown Comedy Festival. This is a classic TMAS episode for the whole dysfunctional family. 

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Vampire Diaries script coordinator and writer Matt D'Ambrosio joins Mariya and Spencer in the Los Feliz studio to discuss tragedy, triumph, and gayness. 

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Mariya and Spencer sit down to discuss the importance of truth.

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The crew is back in full force for the new year. Rick doesn't like people who leave negative Yelp! reviews. Mariya recalls a time she was held hostage at a fancy restaurant in Washington, DC. Mariya and Spencer take Tiffany of Nice Butt Fame to her first class at The Stockroom - this one led by Sir Rucifer, who gave the best, most engaging class yet, which was on Master/slave protocols. The Aukbirds debut a brand new original song, inspired by creepy OK Cupid erotica. 


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Mariya, Rick and Spencer celebrate the Christmas spirit with a dramatic literary reading, a review of the most interesting Christmas traditions from around the world, and even an original rock song the gang wrote specially for this Christmas episode. Mariya and Spencer attend another class at The Stockroom. And more!

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Rick is away for a comedy gig so Mariya and Spencer sit down alone to discuss Mormon porn, adults who are afraid of vegetables, Chris Rock being an angel, meditating for the common good, pickup artists, and more! 

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Mariya is joined in the studio by former co-host Jheisson Nunez and new friend comedian Max Rosenblum. Max gets nose bleeds because someone sat on his face when he was little. Mariya got broken up with via the phone at IHOP about a month ago but has already found new hope. Also despite many efforts, she is still not gay. Max's huge penis and adventures with cougars. 

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Former co-host Jheisson Nunez and fun friends Emily Ruskowski and Sean Joyce join Mariya in the studio for an evening of talking about boobs, vaginas, and so much more.

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Mariya chats with fun new DC band Rich Mahogany about music, the ravages of growing up upper middle class, upping their street cred, and more!

Check them out: http://www.facebook.com/RichMahoganyMusic

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Mariya, Matty and Charlie welcome the very manly Randolph Terrance back on the show. Mariya's mom calls in to discuss her parenting techniques. Mariya is worried that the NY Cannibal Cop may be acquitted. Charlie's crazy angels. Mariya's encounters with scary women. And more!!!

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Mariya starts the show alone because Matty is running late. Social anxiety and adult bullying. Hypocrisy in yoga. Mariya's Twitter wife Sarah, @ohnoshetwitnt, calls in. Matty finally comes in. What makes a hipster? Mariya still doesn't like Sleepwalk With Me. Musings on early love. 

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Mariya is glad to spend some quality time with her comedy friend "Eleanor". Mariya explains her love of Howard Stern. Then a meandering discussion about crazy dudes, prostitutes, Mariya's newfound appreciation of sex and porn unfolds. Mariya met a rapper on U street. 

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It's a super packed studio when Mariya, Matty, and Charlie welcome David Tveite and Will Hessler back on the show. The boys bond about their tastes in powerful older women, Mariya quickly becomes uncomfortable with so much untemptered testosterone in the room, Charlie is single again, Mariya wants to make a fake OK Cupid account, and much, much more.

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Mariya and Matty make it to the studio despite a near-death experience. A NYC restaurant owner likes to fart on his employees. The Queen of England calls in. Jody Foster's "coming out" speech. Randomness!

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Mariya is joined in the studio by comedy friends Matty Litwack and Martin Amini to discuss personal journeys, big booties, and the influential power of ice cream. Fun call-in from Chris Milner. Martin gives Mariya advice on how to make it in LA. Mariya is so pleased with his on-air presence, she wants Matty to join the show on a permanent basis. And more!

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Mariya, Johno and Charlie welcome the adorable and hilarious David Tveite on the show for an evening of oversharing, challenging gender roles, laughter and fart sound effects. 

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First episode in the new Thursday 10 PM timeslot. Mariya and Johno are thrilled to welcome new show co-host Charlie Visconage. A discussion of views on reproduction. Special needs caller Enrique calls in to obssessively rant about Van Gogh. Mariya and Charlie get to know each other better by asking each other deep probing questions, like how often they fart and what are their most embarrassing sexual encounters. An enriching discussion of Catalan Christmas tradition. A semen recipe book is being sold on the internet. A timeless classic of an episode!!! 

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Last show in the Sunday timeslot. Mariya had a traumatic encounter with a friend. Future plans for the show. Sexting. A literary reading. Fun for the whole family!

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Oldest friend of the show, the incredible Aparna Nancherla joins Mariya in the studio for a chat about mental health, comedy, and life. 

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Mariya is proud to welcome the delightful and surprisingly not Jewish Jeff Maurer on the show to discuss comedy, delusion, childhoods, showbusiness, noses, and the post-election Conservative implosion. Jeff has a comedy CD available at http://jeffcomedy.com/. 

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Mariya begs Johno one last time not to vote for Romney. 

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Mariya and Johno welcome Pete Bladel back on the show to discuss whether moving to NYC has changed him, twitter etiquette, Mike Birbiglia's "Sleepwalk With Me" and more!

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Mariya and Brian are alone in the studio with broken phones, but unbroken spirits despite having performed at an outdoor food festival the day before. Mariya is disappointed by President Obama's performance in the first presidential debate. An oil futures trader got drunk and caused global gas prices to sky-rocket. And much, much more!

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Mariya welcomes back Brian and Rich Bennett on the show despite being depressed and uninspired. Caller gets an honest explanation of why he was unfriended on Facebook. Racial slurs. Hipsters steal laptops. Mitt Romney blah blah blah. And more things that were discussed reluctantly, kill me please. 

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Mariya was a maid of honor in a Jewish wedding. A local rapper is writing a theme song for the show. Coping with Johno's inclination toward Mitt Romney. 

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Mariya, Johno and Brian welcome Chris Milner and Jamel Johnson on the show to discuss politics, runaway chimps, flavorful sports announcing, okie-dokes and wankers, and much, much more. 

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Mariya and Johno discuss how bitches be crazy, and other related topics. Mariya gets her first taste of censorship. 

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Mariya and Johno catch up before welcoming the delightful Herbie Gill on the show. Mariya is now an American. Herbie's dad was a "business man". Mariya tries to convince Herbie and Johno not to vote for Mitt Romney. 

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Mariya and Brian welcome the mysterious and hilarious Andy Kline on the show to discuss his shrug of a childhood, how being socially awkward in childhood can lead to a healthy adult life, facial hair, molestey handshakes, and much more. 

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Mariya welcomes arguably the guyest of the 3 Guys On podcast,  Randolph Terrence, back on the show to discuss the new war sweeping our nation - Bloggers vs. Rape Jokes. Johno is back, and he's not alone. Stuff about guns. 

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Mariya welcomes comedy friends Kay Marvin and Rich Bennett into the studio to discuss impending doom, those god damn kids, lesbianism maybe, and stuff. The director of the  documentary "I Am Comic", Jordan Brady, calls in from L.A. to have a love-a-thon with Mariya. A chilled out, well balanced show. Pair with hang-overs and egg dishes. xoxo.

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Mariya, Brian and Johno welcome old friend of the show, Nate Johnson, back into the studio. Mariya shares the music of an Ethiopian cab driver who gave her a free ride. What Nate took away from reading "The Game" and other stories of romantic woe. The state of Michigan done lost they minds! Disturbing phone calls. 

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Mariya, Brian, and Johno celebrate Pride Week by playing the gayest song ever made. Mariya's new revelation about hippies. Mariya's killer-spotting instincts are put to the test in a segment called The Line-Up where Mariya tries to separate murderes from lesser criminals by looking at their pictures. The superstar hip-hop/R&B sensation Drake calls in. DC comedian Marcus Paulsen calls in from the Pride Festival downtown. Mariya gives a count-down of the 25 gayest animals. A joyous romp of a show!

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Mariya, Johno and Brian are excited about the new Rick Ross sound board. Mariya is disturbed by the the recent flurry of cannibalistic crimes, and, inspired, tells a scary story.  An exploration of LL Cool J's "Hey Lover" and whether he is a romance novelist at heart. God calls in to clear up any confusion about LL Cool J's street cred and face eating. A brief discussion of Brotox. A classic lively show that's fun for the whole dysfunctional family!

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Mariya, Brian, and Johno welcome the hosts of The Charlie Visconage Show to discuss who they are exactly and what they're doing, what motivates them, scrilla, and much, much more. Mariya performed at her first privage gig. Both Mariya and Charlie interviewed UCB's Matt Besser on his recent publicity tour. 

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Old friend of the show Evan Valentine comes in to discuss parenting, relationships, and breastfeeding. 

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Mariya and comedian friend Sean Joyce discuss the trivial things: psychology, genetics, evolution, relationships, and the meaning of life.

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Mariya and Johno discuss pink slime, Johno's pregnancy scare, and Mariya's fondness for balling out on every level. Former co-host Pete Bergen calls in to promote a good cause. And much, much more.

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New production assistant Johno Cain is missing, so Mariya and Brian carry on alone. Mariya had nightmares after watching The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and is outraged over the Trayvon Martin murder in Florida. We hear the 911 call made by George Zimmerman before he chased and shot Trayvon. After a great weekend of doing a guest spot for her and her husband Rich Vos, Mariya has a total crush on Bonnie McFarlane. Brian wants to have a sociopath murderer on the show, along with a panel of other unsavory-looking characters to see if Mariya can spot the killer purely visually. 

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The delightful Doug Powell calls in to catch up about life, comedy, and farming, and to mediate Mariya and Brian's disputes about holistic medicinal practices and whether chickens make good friends. New Production Assistant Johno Cain calls in to discuss the terms of his new position with the show. 

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Mariya and Brian discuss pick-up techniques. Mariya is furious over a disappointing brunch meal. Brandon Wardell returns to the show for some major communication.

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Mariya and Brian welcome Graham Currin back on the show. A YouTube video of an angry dude in a cowboy hat shooting his teenage daughter's laptop with a gun sparks a conversation about childhood, parenting, and how Mariya's mom once emptied a plate of food onto her head. 

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Mariya and Brian discuss his latest adventures with accidental deer hunting, Paula Deen's new diabetes, and Jay-Z and Beyonce's buying out of an entire hospital wing for the birth of their baby was appropriate. Comedian Johno Cain joins in and mainly makes Mariya worry gravely about his health.

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Mariya and Brian welcome the delightful Zach Toczynski on the show. Enter, listener, if you dare, into the mind of a gay Republican comedian who loves filthy booty rap. Brian spoils the critically acclaimed film "War Horse". A great show to kick off the new year.

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The very polite and mysterious Graham Currin is on the show to discuss life, comedy, politics, and whatever else we feel like discussing, GAWD!

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Jheisson and the scheduled guest, God, are running late, so Mariya starts the show alone. Once God arrives, he helps Mariya work through some of her guilt issues and reveals the mystery of how the universe started. Mariya humbly shares that she recently saved a friend's life. In short, this is a show of truly epic proportions.

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Jheisson is finally back in the studio, and the newly mustache free but still very manly and delightful Brian Parise returns. Mariya shares tales of her new criminal life and violent past in Ukraine. The ugly truth about comedy and podcasting. Evan Valentine calls in to say hi. And much, much more. 

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Comedian and blogger Tim Young joins Mariya in the studio to discuss EVERYTHING. Literally. All questions answerd. Mysteries of life solved.

Direct download: 09-11-2011_-_The_Mariya_Alexander_Show.mp3
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Jheisson is away, so Mariya welcomes the delightful and very young Pat Wise on the show alone. The conversation meanders through humorous and serious topics, including blogging, biology, gender, relationships, and how to get the bitches. 

Direct download: 09-04-2011_-_The_Mariya_Alexander_Show.mp3
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Mariya and Jheisson welcome Drey Tobin Dailey on the show. Together the fun group explores their neuroses, comedy, relationships, and deadly amoeba. Good not-so-clean fun for the whole dysfunctional family! 

Direct download: 08-21-2011_-_The_Mariya_Alexander_Show.mp3
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Jheisson is away celebrating his brother's marriage, so Mariya welcomes back an old friend of the show, the hilarious Tyler Richardson. As the two chat about life, relationships, and groupies with anatomical anomalies, a strange phone call comes in that may haunt Tyler for the rest of his life. 

Direct download: 08-14-2011_-_The_Mariya_Alexander_Show.mp3
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Mariya is thrilled to have another lady in the studio - the delightful Jenn Tisdale, who brings her cans wherever she goes. Jheisson is glad too. The usual dose of lighthearted merriment ensues. 

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Mariya and Jheisson are proud to welcome Pete Bladel and Brian Parise back on the show. Pete spends his weekends babysitting drunks. Brian wrestles his friend to defend Mariya's boob honor. A brief discussion of macking on bitches. Pete wants to discuss serious topics and Mariya does everything in her power to stop this. Mariya diagnoses everyone's personality disorders, and more!

Direct download: 07-31-2011_-_The_Mariya_Alexander_Show.mp3
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Jheisson is finally back from what turns out to be jail, and friend of the show Nate Johnson is in studio to help Mariya welcome him back. Amy Winehouse is dead. Jheisson tells the story of his Folsom Prison blues, which leads to a passionate discussion about the horrible prison system in the US as well as other politcal/social shortcomings. Mariya wants to start a comedy commune farm. Nate is looking for love in all the wrong places - namely OKCupid. Special needs listener Enrique calls back to declare that he does not hate Mariya, or women, and sees himself a lot like Vincent Van Gogh. 

Direct download: 07-24-2011_-_The_Mariya_Alexander_Show.mp3
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Mariya welcomes the very manly, mustachioed, and hilarious Brian Parise on the show to discuss onion varieties, the caving debt ceiling, and all sorts of other gangsta shit. 

Direct download: 07-17-2011_-_The_Mariya_Alexander_Show.mp3
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Jheisson is still missing, so Mariya welcomes her guests alone. Baltimore area comedy promoter David Shofer, and longtime friend and fellow comedian Sarah Donelly are in the studio for what turns out to be a revealing expose of Mr. Shofer's life. Complete with sad violin music and awkward laughs, this episode is for the emotional voyeur in each of us. 

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Friends of the show Pete Bladel and Evan Valentine return to the show to give us a rarely heard tall white man perspective on life. Mariya shares a disturbing story about the creator of the Dilbert cartoon. Internet memes and how to Tweet good. Pete is haggard and sad while Evan is thriving and in love. Old friend of the show & DC Comedy's best superfan Jana Olson calls in from her new home in Seattle to share big news. Mariya is afraid of pregnancy and childbirth. Japanese scientists are making burgers out of poop. And more.

Direct download: 06-26-2011_-_The_Mariya_Alexander_Show.mp3
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Former congressional candidate and current comedian and friend Travis Irvine joins the show for a lively romp through the political process and the mind of the world's most entertaining conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. Dear old friend Will Hessler, in typical Will fashion, joins the show halfway through to reminisce about fun times with Mariya at Party City and other adventures. Give it up for the troops.

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Jimmy Meritt and former co-host Ahmed Huidobro return on the show to wreac havoc and start comedy beef.

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Nate Johnson joins Mariya and Jheisson in the studio. In this episode we learn about Mariya's righteous choice of public broadcasting over commercial podcasting, Jheisson's love of nectar, Mariya's still burning love for President Obama, and Nate's playing god with people's lives at his job. Plus much, much more.

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Mariya and Jheisson get together to record an informal Easter podcast. Mariya had a harrowing experience with her recent move and wants to make it into a movie. Jheisson gives Mariya the very intimate gift of socks. Everyone wants to feel special and loved. Twitter is better Facebook. Mariya tries to embrace her Jewishness. Jheisson brags about being a badass. And much, much more!

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04-17-2011 - The Mariya Alexander Show - New Beginnings

Mariya officially welcomes Jheisson Nunez as her new co-host and divulges the tale of how he killed her previous co-hosts in cold blood. Jheisson is a confirmed bachelor. The homeless are blogging now. Mariya goes on another heart-felt rant. 

Direct download: 04-17-2011_-_The_Mariya_Alexander_Show.mp3
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The multi-talented and very white and rich Evan Valentine returns to the show to promote his new production "Thor: The Musical" and is joined by Mariya's former co-host Tyler. The old friends catch up and chat about life, love, and comedy, but find that their bond is cemented by their mutual hate of Kathie Lee Gifford and her phony pretenses of being a "nice" person.

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The scoundrel Jimmy Meritt returns to the show to stir up trouble, talk smack, and share the story of his arduous struggle to get his cartoon series off the ground. Conversation meanders through New Year's resolutions, failures, successes, and the awesome documentary "I Am Comic". 

Direct download: 01-02-2011_-_The_Mariya_Alexander_Show.mp3
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Boston's very own, very hilarious Ellen Moschetto joins Mariya for a super special on-air bonding session. A frank conversation about sexuality, celibacy, spirituality, and one "special" little girl's lessons about periods ensues. 

Direct download: 12-05-2010_-_The_Mariya_Alexander_Show.mp3
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Mariya welcome Randolph Terrance back on the show, and the third time really is a charm. Randolph reveals his tender, sweet side as he discusses his daughter's potty training. Mariya delves more into her awkward childhood. Randolph attempts to educate Mariya about "thick" women. 

Direct download: 11-28-2010_-_The_Mariya_Alexander_Show.mp3
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The very chiseled and manly Pete Bladel returns to the show in Ahmed's absence to continue his on-air romance with Mariya. Together the pair takes a journey through comedy, the nation's political climate, the prevalence of doldrums and ennui in today's youth, and Kanye West's deep tender soul. Go figure. Hot and steamy radio at its best. :)

Direct download: 11-14-2010_-_The_Mariya_Alexander_Show.mp3
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Comedian and podcaster Randolph Terrance returns to the show. Mariya's friend Kayla joins the fun too. Mariya got drunk on Halloween. Randolph starts a sexy music interlude. Randolph doesn't want a three-some. Kayla used to be married to a secret gay guy. A caller wants to drink Mariya's bath water. And much, much more...



Direct download: 10-31-2010_-_The_Mariya_Alexander_Show.mp3
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Mariya records a lonely podcast at home to make up for the failed recording of Sunday's show. Ruminations about death, life, sexuality, and various other embarrassing unfold. 

Direct download: 10-27-2010-_The_Mariya_Alexander_Show.mp3
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Writer, comedian, improviser, teacher, and learned gentleman Shawn Westfall returns to bring some class to the show. Mariya met a trio of "revolutionaries" at a bar. After reciting some bad-ass poetry, Shawn tells Mariya and Ahmed about his experience dating a woman who has sex with ghosts. The adorable Emily Ruskowski accidentally crashes the show with her younger sister. Fun times for all.

Direct download: 10-10-2010_-_The_Mariya_Alexander_Show.mp3
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Mariya and Ahmed are joined by the adorable but smug Emily Ruskowski and the hilarious Evan Valentine. Mariya and Ahmed share tales of their adventures on the high seas. Evan laments on the troubles of being a wealthy white man. Special needs listener Tom Gavin crashes the studio in person and is very jealous of Mariya and Ahmed's closeness. Emily reports that suicidal people really love to masturbate.

Direct download: 09-26-2010_-_The_Mariya_Alexander_Show.mp3
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Ahmed comes back for "co-host date # 2" but is given some stiff competition by the adorable and hilarious Lafayette Wright. Together Mariya and Lafayette write and instantly perform their own musical, form a rap group, and delve into controversial topics such as male virginity. The smug but lovable Emily Ruskowski comes in late to brag about winning a comedy contest and rub everyone's noses in it. The legitimacy of said contest is immediately questioned by the rest of the gang. All ends well, though, when Sarah Caso comes in to play her awesome music and forces the loud-mouthed comedians out of the studio.

Direct download: 09-19-2010_-_The_Mariya_Alexander_Show.mp3
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Mariya is joined by the delightful Ahmed Huidobro and Reggie Melbrough. Discussion about online dating, Quran burning, Dr. Laura's love of the N-word and so much more ensues.


Direct download: 09-12-2010_-_The_Mariya_Alexander_Show.mp3
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A delightful cast of characters joins Mariya in the studio: EJ Ruchman, Jessica Brodkin, and Mike Goldman. We learn about homosexual practices in Uganda, that Jewish men have nice "schlongs", that Mariya wants to picket around Jessica's butt to protect its integrity, and much much more... (or less, depending on your perspective). Lively calls from many dear friends, and our favorite mentally challenged listener Tom Gavin.

Direct download: 08-29-2010_-_The_Mariya_Alexander_Show.mp3
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Mariya is joined by the delightfully funny Tyler Richardson. A talk about sex fruit, Mormonism, 80's erotica, and more unfolds. The adorable Jana Olsen, DC Comedy's biggest supporter and fan (see: groupie) stops by to say bye forever before moving to Seattle.

Direct download: 08-22-2010_-_The_Mariya_Alexander.mp3
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Mariya welcomes young comedienne EJ Ruchman on the show to discuss entertainment, life, and lezzing out. Mariya discovers the wonders and joys of Found Footage Festival and is smitten. Lively phone calls.

Direct download: 08-08-2010_-_The_Mariya_Alexander_Show.mp3
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Tim Miller joins Mariya for a special monthly "Relationships" themed show and to help mediate Mariya and Tyler's tearful good-bye. Discussion on honesty about sex in relationships ensues. Lively phone calls.

Direct download: 08-01-2010_-_The_Mariya_Alexander_Show.mp3
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DC Improv instructor, comedian and improviser Shawn Westfall joins Mariya in studio. A free-wheeling conversation about comedy, art, young love, and celebrity beach bodies ensues. Mariya wants to make a "we are the world" music video to unite the DC Comedy scene. Weird phone calls from the beloved special needs listener Tom Gavin, and a disgruntled local comedian. Mariya disliked "Inception" but loved "Once".


Direct download: 07-25-2010_-_The_Mariya_Alexander_Show.mp3
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Mariya is joined in the studio by the hilarious Tim Miller. An honest conversation about dating, sex, and love ensues. 

Direct download: 06-27-2010_-_The_Mariya_Alexander_Show.mp3
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Hosts of Through The Looking Glass Comedy Show, Reggie Melbrough and Mike Curran, join Mariya in studio. Tyler, as would be appropriate on Father's Day, is away. A free-wheeling jaunt through silliness ensues as the boys compete for Mariya's affection; exposing the audience to a tragic childhood tale, a lonely father looking for a wife, radio improv, lively phone calls, and much much more. 

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